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Why I Was Scared Of Marriage – Actress, Chizzy Alichi

One of the greatest desires of a woman is to be married to the man she is in love with and Nollywood actress, Chizzy Alichi is glad to be that woman, as she recently got engaged to her long time boyfriend.

Expressing her excitement in preparation to become a Mrs, the super excited screen diva said: ” To be honest for the first time I feel very excited about getting married and to be sincere, I didn’t see it coming. I knew we were serious and in love but I didn’t see it coming at least not now.

I said ‘Yes’ to him because he is humble, caring and above all supports my career, he recently bought cameras for me in case I want to shoot my own movie. He can care a lot for me. It is not all about the money, attention matters a lot and he gives me all the attention and I want and even more.”

Continuing, Chizzy, an award winning actress noted that although it is in the nature of men to cheat, but she won’t leave her home for any woman to take over, no matter the circumstances.

“For the first time, I am in love. Before him, I just date and enjoy the relationship while it last. Once it’s getting serious and I feel he might pop the question, I will end it.

But this my fiancé is different. I know he is the one because first of all, I don’t like fair guys, I have never dated one but am dating him and he is fair. I always want him around me and when I knew the relationship was getting to another level, I was still here and loving him more.

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I used to be scared of marriage. In my industry, many have gone and came out. I don’t want that to happen to me. I want forever marriage, so I prayed for the right person and I believe God answered my prayers

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I know men cheat more than women. We women hardly cheat when we are in love or married but a man can love you and still cheat, it doesn’t affect his love for his woman though but cheating is in their nature.

However, I will just take my fiance to be a saint oh. I don’t want to catch him cheating at all or think about it but one thing is for sure, I won’t leave my husband or home for anybody.”



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