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Who is Dr Yolanda N George-David (PhD) …..(Aunt Landa)?

My Name is Dr Yolanda N George-David (PhD).

I am a wife and mother, a Neurosurgeon with my primary residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, a clinical & Relational Psychologist. I am an Academic with noticeable Bibliophilic tendencies, an International Multiple Awards winning Public Speaker, a shrewd business woman, founder of Aunt Landa Bethel Foundation, multiple award winning Radio Show Host, convener of Aunt Landa Market Square, a Human Right Activist, an Ideas generator and Consultant to 8 Forbes listed Companies among many things.

However, of all these, my most passionate duty is being the Servant-in-Charge of Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation.

I began my Charities and Businesses at age 16 while I was still in school. I was passionate about getting people off the Streets. I needed to be able show them how much God loved them without saying so much as I was a recluse and rather introverted. It was easier to Feed 500 people for me than it was for me to say to someone God loves you. So I had to device ways and means to show people the Love I knew they desperately needed.

I pick up prostitutes in dangerous areas for rehabilitation, rescue Sexually Abused Girls and Boys , fight for the oppressed, give shelter to the abandoned, feed thousands, offer free Vocational trainings , adopt Educational and Surgical Fees and more. I guess it is safe to say that every day as a Relief Mechanism inducer and Hope Merchant exposes me to new opposition and Danger.

I am thankful that I was raised by Parents who taught me that I could be everything and anything as long as I invested myself intellectually. I am blessed to have my King who holds the multiple duty of being my Strength adapter for my weakness plugs and my forever lover.
I am also favoured to have mentors turned Family like Professor D Anna, Dr Joane Davies and Mr Atunyota Alleluya Akporobome (Alibaba) who direct, advice and act as my bulletproof vests because when I see someone in need I jump in blindly, wholeheartedly and without any sense of caution; and of my three mentors, Alibaba has been a blessing as my behind the scene Caution meter and idea developer.

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Can any Girl be Aunt Landa? Most definitely!

But I will think that she is settling because she can be better than Aunt Landa. She can be an agent of change, if she first fills herself up with the Education and Drive she needs. I wouldn’t have achieved anything if I waited for support from anyone or companies; I have failed severally but my successes make them all worth it.

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A passionate people and godly relationship advocate!...Trained Psychologist and Human Resources Practioner. A seasoned Marriage and relationship counsellor. A mother, wife, sister, friend and daughter. J


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