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When Is It Alright To Move In Together Before Marriage?

Good Evening ma,

I am engaged to a wonderful man. We have been together for three years. Next year is the year of our marriage. Everything has been going fine but recently,my Auntie that I am living with,she had issues with her Landlord. I live with my Aunt and her three children in a 2 bedroom apartment.

The landlord threw my aunties things outside. Its a long story. Unpaid rent,jealousy,all kinds of drama.Now,the situation is that my Aunt is living with a friend who is squatting her in her small apartment. The apartment is so small that we all sleep on the floor,hardly anywhere to lay our heads.

But my Auntie’s friend recently told my auntie that she can no longer continue to squat us. Her husband did not like it. Unfortunately,my aunt is yet to come up with the rent for a new place.She had no choice but to send her children to our grandma in Owerri while both of us hop from one friend to another until we can pull up enough money for an apartment.

My fiance,after seeing what I am passing through,asked me to move into his apartment which is a room self contain. I did not like the idea as a Christian. I told him its not proper but he said its temporary after all,we are getting married at least by next year.

Ma,I am confused. I have no where to stay. I live with different friends and church members each week and its not easy. Is it ok for me to move in with my fiance? What if it leads to us sleeping together which I do not want. But I am seriously going through a lot with my accommodation situation. They even stole my clothes in the last friend’s place I stayed.

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What can I do ma?


From Miss P


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  1. Hello Miss P,

    If you have made up your mind not to move in with your fiance before marriage,you just have to endure this period and push your wedding forward. Why wait till next year when you have no where to stay?

    If you are not sure or you do not want to rush the wedding,maybe you should then relocate to stay with grandma too in the village,until the wedding takes place and then you can move in to your fiance’s place.



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