When Is Abortion Allowed Or Is This A Sign From God?


Good Morning ma,

My name is Mrs Y. Please for identity hide my name. I have a pressing issue at hand in my marriage.

Turns out that am pregnant with the fourth child (yet to missed my period but early symptoms are showing and blood test confirmed).


Hubby been aware and yet not happy clamoring for abortion ( according to him is not yet formed just take a drug to flush it out).

My worries are these:

  • Should I go for it for peace to reign?
  • What if the pregnancy turns out to be a boy or twins ( According to calculations, the intercourse was on the ovulation day ).
Already got two girls and a boy. But if you ask me, my heart desires, I really want another boy or twins boy and girl.
Your advice will be appreciated ma.
Thanks ma
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From Nigeria
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  1. Hello Madam,

    Why do you want more children? why does your husband not want more children?

    Children are a gift from God but too many children can be tough to raise.

    You already have 3 children…do you think you and your husband have the capacity to have more? Are you ready financially and emotionally?

    Plenty children is a joy but is a huge commitment,one that you have to count the cost before you agree on how many children you have.

    Having said the above,next time,please use a form of protection or contraception that is suitable for both of you.

    As for this pregnancy,please do not abort,get ready for the beautiful baby or babies that is coming…

    Talk to your husband. God only has the power over life. You cannot give life and therefore cannot take life.

    Abortion is out of the way. My advice,but the choice is yours.

    God bless you


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