What’s Wrong With Me?All My Exes Get Married After Dumping Me


Hello ma,

I am 38 years old and I am scared that something is wrong with me. I am scared that I may never find someone to love me enough to marry me. My last relationship lasted two years and I was really certain that this was going to be the one that would lead to marriage. Alas,we broke  up just four months ago and guess what,this guy that I was dating for twp years and broke up with four months ago,is already getting married to someone next month.

This is the reason I am beginning to think that the problem is with me and I need counsel and prayers. It has become the norm now.  Every guy that I date will give me the impression that I am the one. I am wife material,that I can say. I can cook,I am beautiful,I have a good job,I am a fairly good Christian (because I don’t want to boast). I clean,home maker,etc. I even love the guy’s family to the extent of buying them gifts.


Before my last relationship,I was with a guy for eight months,we broke up and the next month,this guy got married to someone else. The guy before that one,we were together for three years and two months,we broke up and under six months,he got married too another person. I do not know what is going on but I cannot continue like this.

I keep celibate in some relationships,some I don’t. Its like no matter what I do,I am not the marriageable type.This last relationship was very painful. Just like the others,we argued over a one thing:He was not calling as much as before. Weeks before,I noticed he was not calling as much as before.So I tried to ask what the problem was. He said nothing. But we would not speak for days and when I call,he would ignore my call. When I complained,he said I was becoming too needy.

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Being needy is different. I am not being needy. Will you be in a relationship with someone and you don’t talk for almost five days and when you call they don’t pick…is that being needy when you complain? The next thing I heard was:we are not working out,we are not compatible. Its almost like,something explainable takes place and I have no clue what that is. Even when he said we were over,I begged him for days to tell me how I can fix the relationship but he said he was done.

While I was still nursing the pain of this breakup,I noticed he started posting pictures with another girl on social media. I now know that he met someone that is why we broke up. Not because I was needy. But my greatest shock was that in less than four months after our breakup,he started posting pre-wedding pictures. That really hurt. How do you meet someone in less than six months and you are already getting married to them but we dated for two years and nothing? I know he was probably double dating but why does this keep happening to me?

Please help me. I am confused and depressed. being 38 and single is very hard.


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  1. Hello dear,

    I would like to tell you that nothing is wrong with you. However,you need to do some serious soul searching and deep reflections. My thinking is,you may just be a little too concerned about getting married and guys can smell desperation from a mile.

    So,what you need to do is,stop beating yourself and start loving yourself.

    Read this article we put up few days ago,its quite insightful. See article below:


    My dear,if those guys left you,its their loss. Work on yourself…do not be desperate…be happy and not sad…find your other purpose in life and fulfill it…do not worry about what others are doing. Everyone has their time in life…38 is not old…how old you feel is in your heart. You can be 50 and feel 25…

    So dear,don’t worry,you will find your soulmate who will love you and you will be just fine…no fretting ok?



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