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Welcome To My Weekly Musing With The Beautiful Ms. Agie!

From Jzhane:
Agie Keke is a young talented writer whom we are proud to unveil to our readers. Please read her first post. You will be reading directly from her in the coming weeks:
Agie Writes:
I have heard of Women ideology. They call it feminism. As a growing child I didn’t understand what it meant or stood for but I liked the concept. It meant being able to do all that my brothers could. I beat up myself that I could not play ball so to compromise I learnt to be the goalkeeper, I was the area mama of fighting. If there was a fight in the neighborhood and I wasn’t there, that was not a fight, it was child’s play.
Fast forward to years later, I realized that I liked little things like being feminine, having the door opened for me, having a man fight some of my battles. Leaning on the strength of a man and being able to escape the damage because I am a Woman.
Our generation is wanting to take this decision out of the hands of our children. No one person has s right to impose her ideologies to us. Those are her standards not ours. Those are her values not ours.
So let them speak for themselves. As for Me, myself and I, I intend to enjoy my place as a woman as I strive to enter into the fullness of all God has called me to be.
Let us take it a little futher just for the heck of it. When did we get here? Whose school of thought is this? Why do we have to adopt all that the Western world throws at us?
Just one of my many thoughts.
Welcome to the Weekly Musing of Refreshing Spring.
Written By Agnes Keke

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    • Smiles…..Thank you Emmanuel.
      Unfortunately or should I say fortunately, it is a title I had to leave behind.


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