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This Wayward Girl Is Blackmailing My Husband: Is He Guilty?

Dear Livelystones,

I need your advice. Years ago,there was this young lady that came to live with my family. She is a relative from the same village. She was homeless at the time and so we allowed her to come and live with us. During the three years she lived with us,she was very stubborn and wayward. It was because of her struggling mother that I allowed her to even stay long as three years.

However,we had to throw her out eventually when her behavior became uncontrollable. That was like 7 years ago. Recently,she started calling my husband again. This time,she had given birth to a child whom she does not know the father. Its like things are really bad for her. Out of a good  mind,I encourage my husband to send her money.

We have been doing that to support her and sometimes her mother would call to thank us. About two weeks ago,I noticed her call had become more and more consistent. She would call my husband at odd hours of the night,always demanding for money. I found that very strange and demanded to speak to her. I wanted to warn her to stay away from my husband. But I did not know how to do this as I did not have her phone number.

My phone got bad about three days ago. So while I was trying to repair it,I would borrow my husband’s phone to make calls. That is how I tried to get her number from his phone but I noticed he did not save any number under her name. So I checked the text messages. That was when I saw her text messages where she asked him for money from my husband.

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It was like she was blackmailing my husband. She wanted him to give her money to keep her from talking and telling me what he did to her when she was staying with us. His response to her was that she can not do anything,that she is lying. To me,it seemed liked she blackmailed him but he is trying to resist her blackmail.

This made me quite suspicious. I delayed calling her as I want to ask you if I should confront my husband about the text message first or should I just ask the girl myself? I just need to know what to do as I am confused as I am imagining something could have happened with my husband and this girl before and she is now exploiting him for money. Or could she be lying as my husband denied her in the text message?

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What should I do house?

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  1. Hello Madam,

    There are 2 things involved. One: its either something happened in the past between this girl and your husband or nothing happened.

    Your options: leave the matter.its in the past. Trying to unravel this might bring up secrets that could hurt you or anyone else….

    Two: Or ask your husband to tell you what happened,if he reveals something happened? what will you do about it? You need to have a plan for when it turns out something really happened…you cannot be taken by surprise…hopefully,nothing happened…

    As for right now….If you are sure that nothing is still happening,then forget this girl….your husband has to make sure he is not failing for the blackmail,hopefully,he is innocent…if he is not…time will tell. Tell him to cut her call off anytime she calls.

    The call to do something or nothing actually rests with your husband…his actions will determine what your actions will be.

    Pray for God’s wisdom in handling this. God bless.

  2. You can ask your husband, I said this so you can deliver your husband from any form of blackmail. Before telling him prepare yourself for the worst news and build up strength, prepare to forgive him nevertheless, then join force with him to fight the blackmailer.


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