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This Is Temptation-My Wife Is Conspiring To Destroy Our Plans

Hi all,

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad but I want to share what is happening in my home during this lock down. My wife and I are best friends and I love her so much. We have three beautiful children between the ages of 11 and 7. We agreed to stop having children after the 3rd child so we can give the children the best quality of life we can.

For a few years now,s*x with my wife is like one a week. Sometimes,even once in two weeks. Well,its not like I am complaining cos one:our work schedules are so tight,two,we do not use protection so,we time the safest time of her cycle to avoid pregnancy. I do not like using condoms and she says contraceptives makes her fat.

However,since the stay at home order since last week,things have taken a new turn. Its been s*x every single day and I am getting scared. The hard thing is: we both cant seem to keep our hands off each other. Last week,she said it was alright cos it was her safe period. So,it was all fun.

But coming into a new week,I tried to tell her that she should relax cos its been one week of unprotected s*x. But my wife says she does not care. She wants to have it everyday. Now, I am refusing her and she is not finding it funny. She was so upset so I decided to use protection in order not to upset her.

Along the line,she removed my condom when she knew I couldn’t hold back. Now,I am very certain she wants to get pregnant intentionally.I scolded her for that action and she said she wants a 4th child. My wife is crazy. We cannot have a 4th child. I am going to hold myself from now on,no matter what.

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Her strategy is now to be working around in the house wearing seductive wears and sending me dirty text messages and pictures. I am beginning to loose this battle…what do I do…I cannot leave the house…I am stuck in the house.

Yesterday..I went outside to keep away from her. My neighbors think I am just catching fresh air but I am running away from my madam. Last night was war. She was all over me. I dont know why she is so horny. I mean,must it be every day? Why is she bent on ruining our plan not to have more children?

We just cant have another baby. Its not even safe for her cos she had all 3 children by CS. Plus,we live in a 2 bedroom apartment. We agreed to move from here to our own house. So,we want to save enough money to buy a property,to build gradually and move from here.

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Having 4 children in one room is not ideal. The space is already tight. School fees and other expenses is not easy. How on earth will I bring this woman back to her senses? ..someone will say I should be happy with our s*x life ..I am..but this is no longer fun..its serious temptation.

Please advise….


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  1. There should be moderation and discerning principle in our marital engagement. You are right with your plans for the future but your duty as well is to satisfy your wife. It’s dangerous leaving her to burn sexually. And that could destabilized your marriage. An under sex woman can go any length to make your life miserable no joke about it. Talk to her, remind her of arrangement you guys reached about number of kids to have. Find other ways to keep her company or something else that keep you busy whilst the day stroll. Engage in books, bible or any encouraging and life building stuff. But I repeat don’t keep her in horny mode. My thoughts anyway…

  2. Hello Sir,

    Being in a lock down is not easy. It is very tempting to be engaging in s*xual activities to pass time . However, every action will have a repercussion.

    I think you should have an honest,serious heart to heart with your wife. She needs to remember that you both agreed to stop having children. Also insist on the use of condom or withdrawal method during intercourse.

    The world is at a very fragile state at the moment,anyone bringing a child at this time must think about it seriously. Even pregnant women at the moment are feeling the anxiety cos of the pressure on the health care sectors.

    Pray to God about this…talk to your wife and do the right thing for your family.

    God bless.


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