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Home Advice These Men Have Stolen My Heart:How Do I Choose The Best Man?

These Men Have Stolen My Heart:How Do I Choose The Best Man?

Hello ma,

I need relationship advice ma. I am in love with 3 guys and they all seem very serious about the relationship…and I am confused cause I don’t know who to choice.

They all came in different situations.The first guy is my ex …we broke up cause I cut him with another girl…but he later came back and i forgave him.I can’t just let him go cause of the feelings I had for him before

The second guy has a child …and he really is in love with me.His baby mama,left him for another man…and I love his child so much and I don’t mind being her mum. He even introduced me to his family. But I don’t love him….I only like him

Then third guy….I am in love with him …even though we just met…he makes and whenever I am around him …I feel I can be myself.

I don’t know what to do.


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  1. Hello,

    This is an easy one:

    The first guy cheated before…there is no guarantee he wont cheat agin…let him go.

    It looks like you have to choose between guy 2 & 3. I would say guy 2 but you said you only like him …not love him….could you possibly grow to love him in the near future? Do you think if you gave it more time,you could love him?

    Love is great but what you need for a successful relationship,love is not need friendship,respect,honesty and faith…do you feel the second guy gives you all of these?

    I do not think you love guy 3 enough yet…he just came…its too soon to know what your heart really wants about him.

    So,if you ask me,I would say guy 2 is your man,at least for now…I mean,you love his child..he already introduced you to his family…..that means he is committed to you…I hope he respects and adores you too.

    Then again…you should really pray about this…let God guide you.

    Wish you all the best.


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