Their Marriage Was Picture Perfect Until I Caught His Wife


Dear Jzhane,

Please hide my identity. I will go straight to the point. My elder is married to a lovely woman. A christian woman who everyone loves in my family. In fact,we all call her our second mother because she took all of us,her husband’s family and siblings as her own. She cares so much for us.Since our mother passed when we were very small,we used to pray that our brothers will marry women who will be like a mother to us and this woman is an answer to our prayers.

Its because we love her so much that my other brother asked her to help him find a wife like her. She introduced her friend to my brother and they have been dating for a year. In-fact,their marriage is supposed to be this coming Easter. I used to dream of having a marriage like my brother and his wife’s own. They have been married for almost seven years …They seemed so perfect until…


A few days ago in this last December,we all came to my brother’s house to celebrate the new year as a family in their house. There was a lot of celebrating and that cross over night,my brother’s wife said she was going for cross over night in church. The others said they were not going and told her to pray for everyone. I decided to follow her too. At the church,after a while,she told me she wanted to use the toilet and I said ok.

Almost like 20 minutes later,she was not back so I got up to go and look for her. I got to the toilet and she was not there. So,I asked the people around if they say her. I described her and they explained that they saw her and someone walking towards the car park. I started calling her number which was ringing but she never picked up.So,I walked towards her car and was hoping to find her there,maybe she went to pick something or she went to answer a call.

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As I got closer,I saw movements in her car…weird shaking of the car…I got a little closer and I knew whatever was making the car shake like that was sx. I confirmed it and yes,my darling brother’s wife was having sx with someone else…I froze and did not know what to do for a few seconds. I found my voice and shouted her name…she didn’t hear me because the man was on top of her but the man heard and turned back in shock.

My brother’s wife quickly got herself and began to cover herself up,the guy also got his things and ran away. I stood there crying and asking her why? She was crying too and begging for my forgiveness and not to tell her husband. She explained that her husband has not touched her for several months.It was then she started pouring her heart to me,how she and my brother were having issues and they were not sleeping with each other for months.

The issue they were having was that have been married for almost seven years and no child yet. According to her,they have had several tests and nothing is wrong with them,medically but my brother blames her for their situation. She said my brother started accusing her of having abortions before marriage and that was causing her barrenness.She has had two abortions before she met my brother,she confided in him when things were good between them and he uses that to insult her since they have not had their own child after many years.

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According to her,it was her desperation to prove that she was not barren that made her arrange to sleep with this man whom she said she met at a mall one day. According to her,he agreed to sleep with her,she would pay him to sleep with her. They planned to meet at the church that night to avoid suspicion. She swore this was the first and only time she had s*x with the guy. I don’t know if she is telling the truth but I leave her to that..

She cried so much. I asked her why she did not tell anyone of us…..she begged and begged me and I agreed not to tell my brother. She promised not to see the guy again. I love this woman and my brother together,they seem like the perfect couple..she is the one we all come to when we have issues. I feel like if I tell my brother,which I feel he deserves to know,it will affect the family so much,their marriage will crash and I don’t want that….

I think people will agree with my decision to keep quiet but what if this woman who is so nice is not actually as a saint as we see her to be?

Please help me share so people can give their views on this matter. I will appreciate objective contributions to this…

Thank you.

Anonymous Reader,


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  1. Hello,

    Not all picture perfect marriages are perfect….no marriage is perfect..marriages have challenges …

    What your brother’s wife did was not good,she betrayed her husband…tell her to confess to her husband…let her be the one to do it and offer to help help beg your brother.

    If their marriage is having this challenges,they need to address these challenges else it will eventually break up the marriage…there is already secrecy,lust and will not take too long before their perfect charade crumbles…

    They need help ..let them get help …and let them begin to be honest with themselves

    If your family loves this woman so much,I advise you to stick with her and make sure your brother settles with her…defend her and help them get their marriage working

    God bless.


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