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The Lifeless Canker -A Poem By Oyindamola Adefunke


In a world where suicide is simple as ABC
Insecticide gulped like morning tea
We need just a voice to sting our youths
Snatch them from this canker and destroy its root

The rope seems to be one of quick options
But it has no answer to your thousand questions
You’ve raced amidst thorns in your sojourn
Suicide isn’t the way to stop the mourn

Self-centeredness is its slaughter zone
Its thoughts prey on selfish bone
How about those who look up to you?
And those whom you make their hope anew

Against depression, I pour my ink
You’re bold and stronger than you think
Rather than wallow,why not take a break?
Your life afterall not a fake

©Oyindamola Adefunke


Photo Credit:Oyindamola

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Oyindamola Adefunke
Oyindamola Adefunke has a penchant for medicine, writing has carved a niche for itself in her heart, a place which has been made sacred till death crawls in to take her breath. She is still in pursuit of a medical degree. She enjoys travelling, singing, listening to music mostly R n B and writing. She has written a number of write-ups including articles and poems both in her indigenous language and the white man's language of utter supremacy. She chants eulogies and has a flair for spoken word poetry.


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