The Instant Noodles Generation: This Week’s Musing By Agie

Two minutes noodles, pancakes of 5 mins, Pressure cooker to boil the rice faster. Emails to send messages in real time or secs apart. That is the generation I am in. And this bags the question of, with this fast paced technology at my disposal, equipment that my parents and grand parents didn’t have, why does it look like they have and lived a better life than what we have now.
Our childhood memories are exactly that memories. The little games that made us children are almost extinct. My nephew will not take his eyes off jimjam and my niece will not stop watching Sopia the first and Lions guard.
I remember my growing up days, I always looked for reasons to be outside despite the many slaps that got me. It was fun running down the streets, playing football with tires as the post, skipping robes, tenten etc.
Growing up then was not the sole responsibility of our parents. I even have a Yoruba name in my birth certificate. My neighbours chose one for me and my parents obliged them.
Maybe I am just ranting and there is nothing to this but I fear daily for what our children are going to be forced to be.
Now we dare not leave our female children with a man be he relative or not. Our house helps are continually being berated as they are not worthy to be around our children but are being allowed out of necessity.
There is no fun that does not include computers and phones.
The big question I ask is…..are we in the right time and place. Do we know and see the change taking place and what are we doing to ensure that all this technology wave of the present and future doesn’t come back to hunt us.
Smiles… I said…This page is to express situation through my lenses but I sure am open to hear from you.
Cheers to a fab week,
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  1. I missed those days of carefreeness. Were you bond with other kids with little or no effort through the many games on the street. Today it’s all different!

    I believe we should always take the good in technology and retain our cultural values and heritage that makes us true Africans.

    Thanks Again! Keep them coming…

  2. Great one. Wonderful write-up. If our generation is like this, I wonder what the generation of our children will be.

    Eku ise darling


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