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The Fairy Tale Effect:Why Are Our Prince Charmings Missing In Action?

I love the movies and go almost every Saturday afternoon. Nothing special, just me time. But one particular movie got me to thinking.


Seriously, no girl can resist a good old-fashioned fairy tale. Prince Charming rescuing the fair maiden, anyone? It gave me hope for the couple of hours I sat in the theater.

But I had questions. Serious ones like, why hasn’t anyone chosen me as their princess? There must not be enough true princes for the princesses that do exist. Yup, that’s it. Why can’t love happen like it happens in the movies? Perfect, pure, and unconditional.

Who deemed us unworthy of real true love? Who started this?

I think we’ve become so jaded, scarred, and pessimistic that we no longer believe in the magic of love. Anyone who has ever experienced true, unconditional, honest love knows how good it feels and how magical it can be.

Social media, television, and music have created a culture that believes being a “side chick” and sporadic visits from your boo or bae is love. Or that someone else’s someone is fair game.

Wait, what?

Who knows where the pessimism and newfangled ideas came from. Perhaps it’s the many failed relationships or bad people we’ve encountered that are so horrifying that we can’t even imagine a true, honest, or healthy love/relationship.

We’ve lost hope. The scars are so deep we refuse to even think about magic and love and #sadness.

Immediately after the movie, I started to wonder, “What happened AFTER happily ever after?”

Did they have kids?

Did the prince ever cheat?

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Did they argue? Was the s*x good?

We immediately call B.S. on the whole damn thing. Start thinking the worst, as soon as The End rolls across the screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I am as independent and as strong as they come and can certainly handle my business. But I do wish Prince Charming, my version, would come along on his white horse or Prius with a bike rack, scoop me up in his arms, and save me. Be my shelter, my refuge in this crazy mixed up world.

The feminists reading this are probably outraged. So what!

A girl is a girl is a girl. No matter how “woman hear me roar” we are, the truth is, we all want to be protected, loved, held, and touched sweetly. We can run a thousand companies but we are still, at our very core, women. Soft and pink.

We want to be held, hugged and taken care of. We want to be told everything is going to be all right. We are fragile, delicate flowers. Well, some of us are.

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I finally had to admit that no matter how strong I am and how many times I tell myself “I don’t want a man”… I not only want him, I need him.

Yes, I said need.

I need a man’s love, protection, comfort, and care. I also had to admit that I yearn to be that FOR a man, despite my hurt and devastation. That’s the honest to God truth.

Humans aren’t meant to be alone.

Clearly, God has a sense of humor because our Prince Charmings seem to be lost or may have taken a wrong turn or something. For many of us he is M.I.A.

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Even though we create happy, full lives, the puzzle is still incomplete. We have amazing friends and family. We do some amazing things but…

I kick and scream and put on a brave face, and even say I’ve given up hope but, I want my happily ever after.

When I see an engagement announcement or wedding photo, my heart sinks just a little. I wonder when will it be my turn. Don’t you?

We want that magical love! Love that endears us to another person and gives the feeling that no matter how much we get on each other’s nerves, there isn’t a chance in hell we’re ever leaving each other. EVER!

I want that to be my reality, not just a fairy tale. Will I ever get that?

I just wonder. My life has come full circle and I am still single.

Despite all of my questions, I did take away something, and that is – no one is too old for fairy tales.



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