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The Animal In Human Skin: Poem By Oyindamola Adefunke

My pen bleeds out of frustration
Let’s all give this another consideration
Must you have your way without her permission?
Oh! What a heartless mission!
She shouted till her voice could no longer be heard
Her hands were tightly held
Tears flowed down her cheek like river Nile
With your knees you opened her thigh
Dignity taken away in shame
You walked away after achieving your aim
Now she’s left in absolute perplexity
Because she’ll be the main topic in the community
You came back at night
She served your food right
You sighted a mistake as usual
Pouncing on her isn’t unusual
Are you a man or a monster?
She’s your wife, or even your sister
She’s meant to be fed with honey and milk
Being a woman shouldn’t make her weak
*Oyindamola Adefunke*
Photo Credit:Enitymag

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Oyindamola Adefunke
Oyindamola Adefunke has a penchant for medicine, writing has carved a niche for itself in her heart, a place which has been made sacred till death crawls in to take her breath. She is still in pursuit of a medical degree. She enjoys travelling, singing, listening to music mostly R n B and writing. She has written a number of write-ups including articles and poems both in her indigenous language and the white man's language of utter supremacy. She chants eulogies and has a flair for spoken word poetry.


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