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Spirit Husbands & Spirit Wives: My Experience So Far!

Good evening ma,

Yes, there is spirit husband and I can tell you so cos I have one. But mine is a lady cos I am a man. I read the post this evening (click here if you missed it) about spirit husband and truly,its a kind of relationship that only the person going through it can understand.

It may seem strange to others though. my case is that I have a spirit wife. Actually, it happened that when I was in secondary school,I had a girl that I deflowered. We dated from JSS 2 to SS3. In my stupidity,I thought she was the love of my life and I made a blood oath with her.

I don’t blame her,in our stupidity, we carried out several abortions too. I was not guided as a young man. I regret that part of my growing up and I ask God to forgive me everyday. I separated from this girl when I went to polytechnic but she could not further her education as her family did not have money to sponsor her.

She went ahead to learn sewing. As a polytechnic boy, I was ashamed to continue with her as my girlfriend. Now,I had even university girls coming for me. I was living the big boy life. I forgot about her throughout my days in higher institution.

Finally,after almost 8 years,I got married to my wife. That was when I started to have dreams of this girl. In my dream,I would make love to her and wake up ejaculating. My wife thought it was wet dreams but I have been married for 7 years now and I see this girl in my dreams at least,twice every month.

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I have fasted and prayed. Asked God to forgive me. I have looked for her to apologize to her but she has relocated to where I don’t know. I had to confess to my wife. My wife went on several days fasting for me. That was when I stopped seeing her regularly.

Now,I see her like once in 5 or 6 months. I have gone for deliverance too. But it appears there is nothing one can really do about it. The dreams can only reduce but not totally gone because its a blood oath and its forever. Anytime I dont pray or fast for a long time,she returns in full force

That is my story. I hope it helps throw more light into this matter anyone has any more advise please share so others can be helped. Thank you.


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  1. Again, one must understand that as human beings,we are actually spirits living in human bodies as our accommodation.

    There are good and bad spirits too. As there is light and darkness. If you get involved in practices of darkness,then you may be exposed to the consequences of such practices like the blood oath taking.

    The only remedy is for one to accept the Lord Jesus as personal lord and savior and acknowledge all that the blood of Jesus has done for him or her continually. That is why Christians take the communion ( the communion is an reminder and affirmation of what the blood and body of Jesus Christ did for Christians)

    However, as a Christian, your mind can play tricks on you and you may remain in that bondage. That is why the bible says the Christian ought to renew his mind daily. So,if you are dealing with spiritual influences,you need to renew your mind daily.

    Let God’s word cleanse every ungodly thoughts which is used by darkness to keep people in bondage.

    So, get to know,study and declare God’s word continually over your mind,your experiences, your consciousness…your spirit…etc

    That is why when you fast,the occurrences reduce…it tells you that the occurrences recognize that you are applying a higher authority over it.

    The oath is broken once you are born again. All you need do to continually feed your mind and spirit with the word of God and spiritual exercises so there is no space for the evil occurrences to take place.

    Remember that who the son of God sets free is free indeed….do not let your mind keep you in bondage.

    God bless


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