Side Chick???….No,It Did Not Start Out To Be This Way!


”I am not having this discussion with you!!!”.

I screamed so loudly that it ended with a cough. He looked at me, drew me close and gave me a warm hug. I melted inside. It would have been a perfect lovey-dovey moment and trust whole body was yearning to tilt my head a little to the right. I knew that would earn me a smashing kiss but somehow…my Brain woke up from its slumber…saw what my heart and body were up to and hit them both with a very HOT Slap.

I grudgingly dragged myself out of his embrace. Looked at his finger again, just to remind me of why I could not let myself go.I could not look into his eyes for fear that he will see the obvious….I was head over heels in love with him and it was so so wrong.


He is married…I am a believer….I have done nothing with him…not even held hands for more than a minute,I tell myself, but even as I give all the excuses I know they are lame.

I am emotionally attached. I didn’t mean to get here. But was always there when my boyfriend thought I was being dramatic. He was there when I needed a listening ear.

This is the exact story of many young ladies out there who are in relationships as side chicks. We never really plan to become one….there are sometimes, no written memo or agreement stating, we are in a relationship. We kind of just slide into it. Actually it is even simpler than sliding into DM’s.

Having said that….my story ended with me having to look into those beautiful eyes and say..

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”I think I love you but I love God more. I have made this mistake but from today I cease to be the reason another woman can not sleep all night and is having to do vigils”

Dear single lady, If I did it, trust me, you can also.

Feel free to holla if you need a listening ear or a follow up partner.



Dairy Of A Naija Single Lady

Photo Credit:MadameNiore


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