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Should I confront her?

Dear Lively Stones,
My wife and I belong to our estate whatsapp group. Recently, I needed to use her her phone as I was out of credit.  Please note that I have never used her phone for anything significant before. We have been married for almost 6 years and there has never been a reason to snoop on each others phone. Occasionally we check each others phone… Maybe my wife needs to use my data or anything like that…. But never ever have we had a reason to suspect each other….so this fateful day, as I tried to use my wife phone to call… I noticed it she didn’t have enough credit as well. That’s how I ended up deciding to use whatspp call… She had data so I could use her data for whatsapp call.
After making the whatsapp call,i saw that she had some unread messages.  Out of curiosity I opened a whatsapp message,it was from a man asking her to send a video of her twerking for him. I was a bit surprised…. I began to scroll to previous messages… That’s when I discovered that this man and my wife have been talking for some time now… I scrolled further and found out that,this same man has sent my wife nude pictures of his private parts. I was beyond perplexed. I couldn’t fathom or understand what was going on. Ever since then….I Have not found the courage to confront my wife. I love my wife. She is the centre of my life. I am so scared of what I will discover if I confront her. It’s obvious to me that she is into this man… But how far they have gone, I don’t know… If I ask, will it destroy my marriage. I just want this nightmare to end. Please advise me on the best way to handle this matter .
Thank you,
From Okey
Oya, family…. Over to you!

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  1. Hello I think you should pray about this before you talk to her. When talking to her try and be calm about to.


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