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Should I break up with him?

Good morning Lively Stones,

I am a 25 year old lady. I just finished uni and got a job working for almost six months now. I am dating a young guy whom I love. He is yet to propose but sometimes we talk about marriage in general. Recently, as we gisted, he was of the opinion that a woman who leaves the husband because he cheated is a foolish woman. I was shocked. His explanation is that there are more women than men in the world and men are biologically built to cheat. That really scared me. It makes me think that he might be the type that would cheat if we get married. Please ma, he has not even proposed marriage. Should I quit the relationship because I do not agree that a woman should stay with a cheating husband. Maybe if he does it by mistake but a serial cheater?… I don’t know maybe… Or should I continue with him, is it true that I may end up with another man with the same mentality? Is it common for married men to cheat once in a while? My father died when I was 14years. I cannot recall him much so I can’t say if he was that kind of men. Please share this problem of mine with your readers. I will be reading their comments. I also look forward to hearing your advice on what I should do going forward.

Thank you.

Emily from Surulere

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