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She cheated,now we are being blackmailed!

My life is at a very dark place now. I am not a happy man at all. When I married my wife, I was sure I was settling down with someone who I could trust and spend the rest of my life with. We met on a flight. I work with a top accounting firm and I travel alot, representing my company and our clients all over the country and beyond. I met my wife on a trip to South Africa. She is a cabin crew member of one of the top airlines. We hit off immediately we met. We exchanged nos and flirted with each other, 1 year later, we got married. We talked about our busy lives due to our work schedules and we agreed to not have children until three years. She’s still young at 24. Gina and I are happy.  We spend time when we can,we have a healthy s*x life. She’s  my dream come true. Brilliant, intelligent, s*xy and all. Our lives was like a movie. However, Gina cheated on me. I found out from a whatsapp chat that she received but somehow she didn’t delete the message. The guy she slept with was blackmailing her and was threatening to expose her if she didn’t pay him. When I saw the message, I died. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Later on, I asked my wife, and she broke down, confessed and said it happened when they traveled to Dubai.  He was someone she met while their plane landed briefly in Dubai. They met at a hotel in Dubai and got drunk.  She said she didn’t know it how it happened. But that after that, she left the guy but he traced her from her facebook and has since been blackmailing her. Well, I was truly upset and told her our marriage is over but after a while, I decided to let it go. I decided to forgive her and love her like I promised till death do us part. I called the guy and called his bluff. Now, he’s saying he has pictures and will post them on social media. I can’t believe this. Gina says he’s lying but the guy says if we don’t pay he will release the pictures. I can’t even involve the police cos of my reputation.  I am tired. Angry and disappointed. I look at my wife sometimes and wonder what am still doing with her..what if she was lying too. Maybe this is not the only time, she may be saying so because she got caught….. Maybe we should just go our separate ways. But, I don’t know. What can I do? Please advice me.  My head is spinning.  Trust has been broken in our marriage.  But I am willing to start afresh. I just don’t want to be a fool and be fooled a second time. Where do we go from here.?
Yours truly,
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  1. Hmmmm….its pathetic anyways…. But you need to both go on your kneels and pray to God to amend and rebuild the trust between you both… her the more and I believe she will change for good….. Divorce is not an option, don’t try it…. It is well with you bro…….

  2. Comment: tell the guy to show u evidence. he might just want to dupe u. pls forgive ur wife and give her a second Chance even the lord gives. take heart sir


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