S.O.S Call: My Best Friend Is Heart Broken And Suicidal

Please this is urgent!
My best friend is on the verge of committing suicide, we are both 500L Medical students in one of the universities in the east. Okay, it goes like this:
About 3 months ago, she came to me and told me about how she fell in love with one of our lecturers, a Muslim. I was shocked, fiam fiam she had given her virginity to the man because of what God knows. Yes , he is our lecturer but he doesn’t teach our level, he majors in 300l and 400l students.
This man every girl in my class called womanizer but she said he isn’t such. okay, I got to speak to him and from what he said and how he spoke, I started liking him, since he is not married, and he isn’t teaching our level so nobody would say the relationship is based on academic help. I let her be,  she swore never to do anything with a married man.
Along the way she called me and told me that the guy has another girlfriend of 6 years relationship which  she told me her name and she wanted to walk out, me, I haven’t been comfortable with their affairs so i asked her to walk, next thing she told me she had forgiven him for lying.
He is a staunch Muslim guy, advises us against sleeping with a married man, we can do as much as we want with single guys and not married men, he gives relationship advise like a father.
Please, nobody should blame me o! i was looking out for my friend turned sister, I stormed this guys Facebook page because I  really know how to get information about someone when I want it. I scrutinized every comment, like, love, pictures and etc and I dug , I searched his girlfriend’s name and I found out that Oga is married with two kids. I dug up his family picture with the wife and kids.
This guy told my friend to keep things secret not knowing she was confiding in me, so nobody knows they were dating in our faculty but outside faculty he doesn’t hide it, yea he was good to her, frequents her place without minding if any other medical student would see him.
The kind trust my babe had in this guy I never see that he can’t do this and that. My spirit wasn’t settled cos something was off, an almost 40 years old Muslim  not married at that age? haba. I forwarded my findings to my babe yesterday, aunty said they were his sister and the kids. I told her to look at d woman’s name, same name with his girlfriend  of 6 years whom he said d relationship isn’t serious, that they talk once in a while and nothing else. That he knows the girlfriend of 6 years is cheating over there and he isn’t ready to marry, he go make his choice.
My babe is just 20 years old, she is a smart girl but I don’t know what happened here.
She spotted the name and I guess went asking and threatening the guy, the truth came out. She called me around 4:30am this morning with tears that she can’t take it she wants to die, she told this guy she doesn’t ever want to have anything with a married man.
So I rushed to her house, she had sniper on the floor that she wants to die, Jesus! I can’t be the one who killed my friend, I read her chats, the guy agreed and was begging her to forgive him, the man practically took advantage of her naiveness , her pure heart and has the audacity to be begging?
How can he do this to her and he has no intention of ever telling her if she hasn’t threatened him.The worst is that she is 2 weeks pregnant, and please nobody should advise me to tell her to keep the pregnancy. I slipped Valium 5 into d drink I gave her and she is sleeping now.
Please I don’t know what to do, am feeling like the cause of all these but I had to look out for my babe, I got heartbroken not up to a month ago which I wrote my story here and since then I have been skeptical about guys, I make sure I get all necessary info about them before anything. I just don’t know why I didn’t investigate this stupid man ever since for her.
Truthfully, I thought of taking that sniper with her cos me self, am tired and fed up, I just want to be fine and be the woman I was before and the only person close to me helping me to gain sanity is going down the drain too.
Please guys, I just need something to tell her wen she wakes up. Because I know her, she is hot tempered, if she doesn’t kill herself she will go ahead and expose everything to the faculty because it won’t do her good. Nobody forced her, am confused please.
From Ms L
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  1. Hello dear,

    First and foremost,we will be calling you and your friend immediately. You both need help and do not do anything else until we have spoken to you.

    For those reading this…what we will advice is this:

    First,contact the parents of your best friend. They need to know and come up with a plan to save their daughter. She should go into counselling right away.

    As for being pregnant…its not the end of the world…this might just be the thing coming out of the mistake she made.

    She was deceived…let God deal with the man …move on with your lives

    For her to be able to move ob…its either she changes school or the man leaves…I do not see him leaving so I would advise your friend to either change school or get a restraining order against the man

    He should be made to provide for her though…seeing that she is pregnant for him…

    My dear…do not blame yourself for this….it is no fault of yours…if any thing…you did the right thing by looking out for your friend. However..what she need now is support and love.

    She needs her parents too…they should help her get through this without judging…they may be disappointed in her but she needs to move past this…

    Whats done is done….its time to find the strength and courage to move on.

    We are praying for you and your friend…this too shall pass.


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