Friday, December 13, 2019


Side Chick???….No,It Did Not Start Out To Be This Way!

there are sometimes, no written memo or agreement stating, we are in a relationship. We kind of just slide into it. Actually it is even simpler than sliding into DM's.

Why You Need To Stop Talking About Your Relationship

At the end of the day, come together and listen to each other, without judgment and with plenty of empathy. It’s a time to offer each other emotional support, free of criticism or pressure.

‘Don’t Marry Someone You’re In Love With’:Reno Omokri Advises

Erotic feeling which many call love, is not sufficient to sustain a relationship. But when you sync with someone, it creates an invisible strength

7 Things to Know About Marital S*x Before You Get Married

Over the years, you’ll most likely find new things that excite you and your husband or wife, and it’s important to be ready to change together over time to fit those things.

I Said I Was Sorry, So Why Isn’t That Enough? – Relationship Help!

The person who got wounded is usually in some deep pain. When the person who caused the hurt says “I am sorry”, that usually lifts the guilt of the person who offended

How to Get Over Hurt Feelings in a Relationship – Relationship Help

That way we can educate our partner, which helps them understand us better. With that knowledge, they’ll probably be more careful not to step on our tender zones in the future.

“Marriage Is An Achievement For Me” – Says Filmmaker, Ada Slim

Nigerian filmmaker, Ada Slim has described marriage as an ‘achievement’ as she reveals that she got married to the most ‘perfect man on earth’.

In Love With A Former Stripper -My Only Worry Is About Her Honesty

I am ready to take it to the next level but she is afraid that she will embarrass me. I have told her that I will not be embarrassed that was when she dropped the bomb...

My Fear For Online Relationships – Is He Genuine Or Like The Rest?

I also do not want to be taken for granted. Our relationship is barely five months altogether. I am trying to be careful not to be made a fool of at the end of the day.

The Pursuit Of A Husband- An Article By Erika DeWitt

For years, I watched my mother be the leader and provider, not my father. It’s also embraced in society today for a woman to provide for herself

My Friend Is Engaged But She Is Trying To Steal My Crush

I just did not want to be alone with this guy. At the restaurant he took us to,my dear engaged friend was visibly flirting with this guy.

Husbands-Do Not Depend On Your Rich Wives Says Reno Omokri

Just as Decia advised women not to see their husbands wealth as their own (read Dencia's post here),Reno Omokri has advised men not to depend on their rich wives...

Your Husband’s Wealth Is Not Yours – Dencia Advises Women

Your Husband's Wealth Is Not Yours - Dencia Advises Women

Marriage Expectations That Could Destroy Your Relationship

Acting childish doesn't have to mean throwing tantrums on the floor, either. It can be more subtle, like giving him the silent treatment or withholding affection

Making Marriage Work -Five Types of Men That Make Bad Husbands

How many people have lost their families, careers, and souls through laziness? The parable of the talents called the idle servant “wicked” and “lazy”

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