Love Charm Or Trust God-When Desperate:Which Is More Effective?

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Good Enough For S*x But Not Good Enough For Marriage?

He is good in bed but I do not see him as someone I can settle down with. I tried to end the relationship with him when I discovered I was pregnant but he knew

Don’t Be Like Me: I Did Not Marry The Love Of My Life

My husband has trust issues so discussing TY with him then or now will be a blunder... I sometimes wish I could tho). 

I Almost Got Married, But I’m Happy It didn’t Work Out — Rita Dominic

“What if it’s the society that something is wrong with for thinking that way, for forcing someone to do what they don’t want to do or forcing them to do what they want to do but in their (society’s) own time?”

Lost The Love Of My Life Once -I Will Do Anything To Win Her...

She had waited long enough but instead of getting a ring from me,I cheated on her. I am sorry and wished I could take back cheating on her but I couldn't.

Never Put The Key To Your Happiness In Someone Else’s Pocket

If you don’t make yourself happy first, you’re going to get a nasty shock if the person that you’re relying on disappears and you’re left to fend for yourself.

Saying “NO” To S*x The Right Way – By Olawunmi Esan

If we were to flip a coin and your partner shut you down unceremoniously when you made a request that was important to you, how would you feel?

I Only Wanted To Flirt But She Broke Up To Have More With Me

I do not want to break this lady's heart. I do actually like her but not in the same way I loved my ex. Do you think I could grow to love her?

I Wanted To Be Honest With My Fiance But The Truth May Break Us

also developed a crush for him. Sammy was from a well brought up home. Even though girls in our tutorials liked to flock around him,he was a decent human being

2face Idibia’s Brother,Charles Idibia Set To Wed-See Pre-wedding Pics

Annie Idibia, took to her instagram page to share pictures of Charles and his wife-to-be, with the caption: "wow wowzaaaaaaaa.. So Excited!!!!! Youngest Idibia Brother Is Taken Oooooooooooo !!! Can’t wait can’t wait!!!!

We Are Getting Married Because It Is Too Late To Stop Now

but I stood by him and encouraged him that things will get better, I later got another job in Kaduna which was better than the one i was doing in kano so I had to  relocate to Kaduna.

20-Year-Old Nigerian Lady Is In Search Of A Husband

Please I am looking for a husband material. I’m 5’7. Age, 20. Half graduate (dem never give kpali). I love cooking. I’m part Tom boy. I’m very interesting. I don’t give wahala. Please Rt, he is on your TL

My Lover Cheated Severally In The Past: Will He Cheat On Me Too?

Plus,both of them accuse him of being a serial cheater. So,I worry that if he marries me as well,he will be doing the same thing. I am not sure if I can do that.

Side Chick Cross Cos Husband Won’t Leave His Wife After 3 Years

Enraged at his decision to remain at his wife’s side, Bria called into the Frank and Wanda morning show desperate for advice.

Lady Calls Out Nigerian Housewife After Failing To Seduce Her Husband

The lock to the room i was sleeping is bad so the door can’t be bolted with lock,Fast forward to one night, i felt a hand on me and I opened my eyes and saw this man beside me

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