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Tips to Remain Faithful and Honest in Your Relationship

Ask yourself what it means to lose your partner and how it will affect your life. Is it worth cheating? What are the consequences of such actions?  Do not hurry to make decisions that might cost you your life partner.

What You Don’t Understand About S*xual Fantasies -By Esther Perel

Fantasy is our very human ability to come back to something and forever change or relive it. Fantasy has the power to connect us to hope, playfulness, and mystery. I believe, if we didn’t have fantasy, we couldn’t live.

Seven Bad Habits that Can Destroy Your Marriage

The relationship can deteriorate to the point where the best level of communication revolves around “how was your day?” Neither partner feels safe enough to express their discontentment with life or each other.

A Woman Shares Her Story Of Pain, Struggle,Courage & Victory-Pt 2

I gently begged him to open a good business for me, or at least settle me off, for I believe I had performed better than all the boys he ever lived with.

A Woman Shares Her Story Of Pain, Struggle,Courage & Victory

little did I know that the battle line was drawn from that day. He never concerned himself with anything relating to my studies. It was tough but I kept it going. Our relationship worsened and he wasn't anything near a great companion.

Help A Bleeding Heart: I Forgave And Loved With All My Heart!

if I confronted he will say this and that. Until I find out he is dating another girl who is always tag him in his timeline.

Marriage Turned To Polygamy & Hell Hole: Please Advice Me!

Since February this year,it has been turmoil. I cannot take this anymore. I refused to leave but right now,I think I have tried.

Why Couples No Longer Enjoy Romantic Moments – BBnaija’s Ese Eriata

Now marriage is a joke, people now walk in and walk out like it’s a class room, no body wants to ever admit their wrong, pride has set in and being loyal now seem like a big deal, there’s no longer an understanding that things ain’t meant to be rosy all the time

Man Asks For Help In Deciding Between Two Gorgeous Women

She suggests that his description of reigniting romance every few months with his high school girlfriend as like “falling back into old habits” is a warning sign.

“When You Feel The World Is Spinning Against You Remember My Story”

Nigerian entrepreneur, Mercy Ibe Ajike tied the knot with her man over the weekend, 12 years after she became a single mother. Sharing beautiful photos from her wedding, she wrote:

Hey…What Are You Going Through? Oyindamola Says:’Hang In There’

There's no point drinking poisonous concoction Depression shouldn't swallow your emotion Hang in there, while He brings the best solution

My Love Life Is In Crises: At 43 Years Old,How Do I Start All...

She was in her late 20's. Eventually we got separated.  I couldn't bear to do the raping thing again. But she always wanted me back.

I have Fallen so Deeply for You! Gloria & Princewill’s Fairytale Wedding

Right after they were joined in church, the couple went on to give us such a fun wedding reception and right after that it was a total turn up after the after-party.

This Man Is All I Dreamed Of But I Am Stuck In My Relationship

Everyone says nice things about him. He says he just loves how intelligent I am and that we are alike in so many things. I want him too. I have kissed him once

I Was Protecting The Sister But Now I Have To Save My Marriage

Over the next couple of days,I found it very hard lying to me wife anytime I had to go check on Kelly after the sad incident.

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