I have Fallen so Deeply for You! Gloria & Princewill’s Fairytale Wedding

Right after they were joined in church, the couple went on to give us such a fun wedding reception and right after that it was a total turn up after the after-party.

This Man Is All I Dreamed Of But I Am Stuck In My Relationship

Everyone says nice things about him. He says he just loves how intelligent I am and that we are alike in so many things. I want him too. I have kissed him once

I Was Protecting The Sister But Now I Have To Save My Marriage

Over the next couple of days,I found it very hard lying to me wife anytime I had to go check on Kelly after the sad incident.

Man Laments As Girlfriend Of 5 Years,Jilts Him For Military Man

Paying for her numerous medical bills,including an operation.Your arrangement is that after her service you will complete her marital rights. She goes for NYSC service & She calls you one day to tell you she has gotten anoda man

God Hates Divorce But This Marriage Is Covered In Lies & Cheating

She said she tried to commit suicide many times but she remembered her mother who said she too will commit suicide if she does.

My Mother & My Husband Refuse To Get Along On Anything

I cannot wait to have this baby so that peace can come back to my home,when mom leaves but I cannot tell you how much this situation is troubling me.

A Sad Testimony Of A Married Woman Who Could Not Stop Sexting

“Flee temptation.” That doesn’t mean that we stick our heads in the lion’s mouth and think that he won’t bite down. We’re fools to believe so. We’re to run as far from it as possible.

Ladies, Carefully Choose Whom To Submit To- Pastor Paul Adefarasin

The husband is meant to be the head and you're meant to be the body. Ask him questions like ‘where are you going?’ He is meant to be the direction

The Importance Of Apologizing In Relationships -Relationship Help!

I must apologize to my mate because I know he didn’t try and hurt me intentionally. And if I hurt him because I am in pain, well when I have soothed myself

How Do I Know My Fiance Will Remain True All The Time?

He was not there but I have my key so I let myself in. I met his place unkempt and from the look of things,he had brought a woman there. There was also used condoms in his room. 

Help My 45 Year Old Mom,Widowed,Find A Husband

She’s 45 years old, widowed, Christian, and gainfully employed. Also, she has just me, and I’m on a mission to match-make her with one amazing and lucky man.

Ten Things Every Man Must Have The Guts To Say

But a great man has the guts to stand up to his own family and defend his wife and household, shooting down any attempts to attack or frustrate his wife.

Is There Really A Someone For Everyone – The Harsh Truth

Marriage is not just about love and butterflies in the belly. Marriage is about love, compatibility on different levels and ultimately choice. 

Preparing To Become A Husband – 10 Tips For Single Men

Remember to date your wife and always keep her guessing when it comes to how you show her that you love her. Get clever with the gift giving and remember that even though it’s the thought that counts they can always tell

Side Chick???….No,It Did Not Start Out To Be This Way!

there are sometimes, no written memo or agreement stating, we are in a relationship. We kind of just slide into it. Actually it is even simpler than sliding into DM's.

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