Sunday, May 31, 2020


Broken Before the Affair:How To Make Relationships Work

The one who had the affair must show, repeatedly, that they are truly sorry for the damage they have caused. Both must be committed to long term healing of the marriage.

How To Apologize In A Relationship (And Really Mean It)

That’s okay. Respect someone’s time for space. Don’t try to fix the situation so you can feel better. Let them be. In time, they’ll come back ready to forgive.

Honesty Was My Intention But Did My Honestly Push Him Away?

He also fell in love with me. This became more than a research. I knew I could no longer pretend. I was happy and he was happy and then I made the mistake.

Lively Stones Hangout 4.0 Edition Was Lit: Relive Event In Pics!

The 4th edition of the hangout turned out to be the biggest and the best edition so far. It was packed with so many exciting and enlightening sessions.

#LSHangout Just 6 Days To Go!Hurry-Register For Free:Limited Spaces!

a comprehensive session with them to equip them with information to achieve overall well being in their marriages,relationships and personal lives.

Happy Married Life?…Must We Have S*x On The Wedding Night?

will be here by the grace of God to guide you....S*x is good, S*x is sweet, when it's done at the right time, but I will forewarn you, s*x is highly have made s*x their god, so they have over-hyped it.....just to drag people into fornication.

Happy Birthday To LS Whatsapp Member: Josephine Matthew

This year of your life, be sure to seize every moment and conquer every challenge that comes your way. The sky is not the limit when it comes to you.''

I Don’t Know What To Do About His Mother: Please Advise!

They want me to bring peace between my fiance and their mother. I told them my fiance has warned me against contacting the mother. 

My Mother Does Not Trust My Boyfriend: Please Advice!

it's not how it is. This is a man that stands by me, supports me, helps me improve in my career and all. Yes no one is perfect but he has been good to me

7 Strategies To Manage Horny Nature As A Christian Single

it is unwise to spend time with people who don’t share your values because in spending time with them you needlessly expose ourselves to the same temptation repeatably.

My Husband Treats Me Like A Child: I Cannot Live Like This

Am emotionally down all this while.The last time I confronted him about his life style, he told me that he came from rich home and ladies most like him

How Fasting and Prayer Can Change Your Love Life

And had I not been fasting and seeking God all that time, I probably would’ve believed that he was the guy for me and that it was God who made it all possible.

5 Things A Wife Needs (But Doesn’t Know How To Ask For)

One woman put it this way: “I think a lot of men try to say it with without words, but we know there is power in words.”

Game Of Thrones Star- Sophie Turner Weds Joe Jonas:See First Pic!

The 29-year-old singer and the 23-year-old Game of Thrones actress took to Instagram on Wednesday night (July 3) to share a photo of the two of them walking down the aisle from their wedding at the Château Le Martinet in France.

Flirting: The Game Of Mixed Signals – From The Male Room

Therefore, in the interest of female enlightenment, I took a poll among my most learned brothers on how they read a woman’s behavior in a social setting. 

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