Why Women Are Obsessed With Men with Height…lol

a man who is just five feet and seven inches tall might consider a woman who is five feet and nine inches tall “too tall” when really, she’s barely above average height. Screw it: people can like what they like. So we will finally tell you why women are obsessed with height.

Must read for couples: Understanding the Five Love Languages

We have long known the emotional power of physical touch. That’s why we pick up babies and touch them tenderly. Long before an infant understands the meaning of the word love, he or she feels loved by physical touch.

Nigerian men are now afraid that women will kill them’ – New Study

They tell the victims to pray so that God can change the hearts of their men. They advise them to watch War Room; to minimise one another and maximise their husband’s ego so that the manlier he feels, the less likely he would be violent.

I’m Scared of Love Because I Saw My Parents’ Marriage Fail

I want to love, but somewhere within my mind, in some quasi-act of defense, I am cautioned against it; it’s protection and self-sabotage all-in-one.

Female Soldier shares lovely photo with her Naval Officer husband

This is one couple you dont want to mess with: a Nigerian Soldier, Princess Adeola, took to social media to share loved up photos with her Naval Officer husband who she addressed as her...

Online flirting and cheating: how to resist the temptation

You don’t have to have issues to benefit from therapy, De Ridder stated. In fact, going to therapy can help prevent seemingly minor issues from growing into deal breakers. Preventing any major relationship problems from brewing can help both partners avoid infidelity. Some major issues that could contribute to infidelity, if left untouched, include resentment, loneliness, and the lack of intimacy and support.

Broken but working on it

I thought I was completely fine, but as I listened to my friend, I realized that I was still very wounded. There were so many emotions that I had gone through: sadness, frustration, guilt, abandonment, and now anger. Listening to her recent break up experience helped me to deal with my own anger. While I hated watching her suffer, in some ways it was a healing experience for me because it allowed me to go outside of myself and just be present to a friend, It helped me to realize that others go through very similar experiences. When we experience the fragility of our humanity, we realize we are not alone.

Is This Petty? Blocking Your Ex On Social Media After A Breakup

I thought about that episode while talking to a friend about the recent news of singer The Weekend and girlfriend Selena Gomez breaking up. Us Weekly reported that soon after the news broke that the couple of 10 months split, the “Starboy” singer blocked Gomez’s family members, friends, her team, and fan accounts dedicated to the couple. He also deleted a majority of photos he had of her on his accounts. And while we speculated about whether he was big mad or little mad, we could both agree that based on the fact that she’d already been seen out with her ex, Justin Bieber, he had the right to block whomever he wanted to.

Please dont marry him

Never marry someone hoping they will change. Marry someone because they already have changed. One woman told me she couldn’t bear to “just give up on four years of my life.” Now she may be headed for divorce and will have to give up seven years of her life. (I don’t look at it that way, but she does.)

Corps member proposes to his fellow corper during their POP in Warri today (photos)

There are always lots of proposals during NYSC passing out parades.             In the course of the POP of Batch B stream 1, someone received double blessings in Edjeba, Warri South LGA in Warri, Delta State....

Who will tell her that her husband has another family abroad?

Bukola and I have been friends since 2007. We worked in the same telecommunications company as Call centre agents way back. At the time,I had to live with Bukola and her family in their...

Man brutalizes his fiancée few weeks after proposing to her (Photos)

Ladies,please be careful...domestic violence is real....if you see the signs,run for your life,dont think he will change. A lady, Thelma Dennis have shared photos of her brutalized face after her fiance, Richards, beat her up...

British woman Gill Ukpong exposes Nigerian husband who wedded another woman in Nigeria (photos)

A Nigerian man based abroad and named Kufre Ukpong has been exposed on Facebook by his British wife, Gill Ukpong, hours after he travelled down to Nigeria and wedded another woman. An excited friend to...

Holding on is getting tougher…

Dear Jzhane, I love my fiancee,Abigail. We have been planning to get married as soon as we save up some money. We have been together for over two years. We decided not to have any...

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