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Man And Plus-Sized Fiancee Go Viral After They Get Matching Tattoo

A young man has gone viral thanks to his love for his plus-sized fiancee. @SportyDooWop who usually posts her photos, with loved up captions, shared a couple of photos showing off their matching hand tattoos.

Meghan & Prince Harry On Two Day Official Royal Visit To Dublin

Meghan and Harry started a second day of engagements in Dublin with a visit to the official residence of President Michael D Higgins where they bonded over their shared love of rescue pets.

For The Gents : Chivalry And The Making Of A Gentleman

Open and hold the door (be it car or house), especially when the lady is elderly, pregnant, carrying heavy object, sick, etc. And most importantly, for your spouse.

Weekly Musing With Agie: Are There Still Good Men Or Are They Extinct?

I saw the past in him, I interpreted every gesture in every negative way possible, I refused his compliments. In retrospect it was because I didn't believe anymore

Moving In Together Isn’t The Next Big Step. Marriage Is

As I said before, making unnecessary and questionable “commitments” like living together before marriage might make you more likely to break up before marriage.

Psych Corner: What Do You Do When Trust Is Broken?

“Trust can be earned back, but it takes patience and persistence.” Choosing to trust again requires courage, whether in showing your partner that you can be trustworthy or in trying to be open to trusting your partner again.

Husband & Wife Must Know Each Other’s ATM Pin No- Police

He says if either of the couple is not willing to share their PIN with the other, then one should pray to God for their better half.

Tell Her The Truth, Not What You Think She Wants To Hear

I figured I would get it later because she was leaving for work and I had plenty of time to get it. Well, it completely slipped my mind and when she returned home from work the trash was still there, and she asked me if I took out the trash to see what I would say.

Hmmm…Will I Lose Him If I’m Not Ready To Have S*x Yet?

I was a virgin and had made a promise to myself that I would remain so until my wedding night. And I was certain he wouldn’t want me because of it.

Are Women Really “Fish Brain” …Why Am I So Obsessed About Her?

It took a while for me to recognize her. I took her no and called her later on. She told me how she dropped out of school cos she didn't have the money then.

Tonto Dikeh Reacts To Toyin Abraham’s Engagement With Video

The single mother of one was captured in a video she shared, excitedly jumping for joy and she stunned her fans with a couple of frontward flips, jubilatng at the recent good news

Relationships:Why Do I End Up Feeling Used After A Hookup?

It made it almost impossible to form truly intimate connections with anyone. I continued to feel lonely, sad, and inadequate because I could never truly express myself to a guy.

I’ve Moved On. Why Do I Still Think About My Ex?

“love can be like the weather. Meteorologically, we understand hurricanes. Emotionally, we don’t. We will never get an answer to ‘why did this hurricane destroy my house?’ other than ‘You were in its path.'”

Relationship Lies:Love Lie No 2: Seeing What You Want To See

She believed that these men were good, that they would take care of her. But typically they treated her terribly. Her extreme need morphed into a major relationship blind spot.

Men Use Marriage & Ring To manipulate Women Into S*x” : Joro Olumofin

Things have changed, the Value of men has gone up. This is only because a lot of ladies have attached marriage to their success and happiness in Life.

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