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Emotional Affair Series:How My Engaged Friend Lost Everything!

The guy was cute, neat and in his final year. I too had a crush on him but he kind of got entangled with Cindy after the birthday photo shoot.

Happy Birthday To An LS WhatsApp Member:Ms. Ginika Peculiar!

On this special day, our prayer on your birthday is for you to be forever happy and that you follow God's will for your life.

Dayo Adeneye Throws Wife A Beautiful 50th Birthday Party (photos)

Dayo and his wife are one of the celebrity couples that do not shy away from publicly display affection towards each other. He calls her “his BFF and the one woman that he completes him”

My Marriage Lacks S*x And Intimacy : Please Advise Me!

I always complain about this to the extend of complaining to his mother, she told me that her son does do rubbish. Mean while my hubby has a son before I married him.

Five Possible Reasons Women Cheat In Relationships

Although certain generalizations and accepted social norms make it seem as though it's normal, even expected, for men to cheat on their significant others while most women would never dream of it, there's data...

Are You With Someone Who Knows How To Pursue You?

This doesn’t mean that the relationship won’t go through rough patches. To assume that pursuit alone will bypass any relational challenges is unrealistic.

My Mother Or My Brother-law: Who Is More Important?

First,I thought he was joking cos that was just a mean thing to say knowing that my mother was only living with us just to help us.

Man’s View- The Best Age to Get Married -Single Men Get In Here!

If you get married in your 20s, you’ll have a bigger motive to keep working and advancing in your career. Nothing can inspire you to learn, work hard, and earn money like your family can.

My Future In-laws Are Trying To Control My Fiance/Our Marriage-Pt 3

Sara is worth that compromise. I will not loose her over a small matter like accommodation. Sara is someone that I know that even if I am living under the bridge she will still marry me.

Dear Husbands: Why Is This Wrong For Your Wives To Do This?

She explained that she got it because he was always travelling and she did not want to cheat so she got it to use anytime she felt the urge.

Broken Before the Affair:How To Make Relationships Work

The one who had the affair must show, repeatedly, that they are truly sorry for the damage they have caused. Both must be committed to long term healing of the marriage.

How To Apologize In A Relationship (And Really Mean It)

That’s okay. Respect someone’s time for space. Don’t try to fix the situation so you can feel better. Let them be. In time, they’ll come back ready to forgive.

Honesty Was My Intention But Did My Honestly Push Him Away?

He also fell in love with me. This became more than a research. I knew I could no longer pretend. I was happy and he was happy and then I made the mistake.

Lively Stones Hangout 4.0 Edition Was Lit: Relive Event In Pics!

The 4th edition of the hangout turned out to be the biggest and the best edition so far. It was packed with so many exciting and enlightening sessions.

#LSHangout Just 6 Days To Go!Hurry-Register For Free:Limited Spaces!

a comprehensive session with them to equip them with information to achieve overall well being in their marriages,relationships and personal lives.

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