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Ladies!Make The First Move If You Like A Shy Guy- Reno Omokri

A LovePeddler is a woman that opens her legs to any man. A hero is a woman that opens her heart to the man she loves. It does not mean you lack self esteem. Don’t mistake low self esteem for humility.

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend Cos He Wouldn’t Follow Me On Social Media

This made it worse. Did he want to hide his social media accounts from me? Why? What did he have to hide?

Stock Exchange Boss,Oscar Onyema’s Still Single @50!-Family Worried!

Till date, the dark dude has too many ladies seeking his attention and he never denies them anything from the abundance of his material and more importantly, physical endowments, it was reliably gathered

Four Benefits To Waiting Until Marriage To Have S*x

S*x is a gift to be shared with your spouse within the confines of marriage. My wife and I, by the grace of God, were both virgins at the moment of saying, “I Do,” to one another on our wedding day.

Making Marriage Work:Marrying Aright–Don’t Trade Your Desires

if their initial desire is to marry a guy who is fairly comfortable and is not struggling with the payment of his bills, societal pressures and aging can make such ladies settle for some guy who may not even have a means of livelihood!

The Fairy Tale Effect:Why Are Our Prince Charmings Missing In Action?

We want that magical love! Love that endears us to another person and gives the feeling that no matter how much we get on each other’s nerves, there isn’t a chance in hell we’re ever leaving each other.

His Thoughts: Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)

Unfortunately, as happens with many young couples, our ignorance of how to do love well quickly created stressful challenges in our relationship.

Is Your People Pleasing Personality Killing Your Relationship?

As much as people-pleasers might do nice things for others and may appear big-hearted and selfless, they’re not really doing these things for the good of others.

Can “Missionary Dating” Lead to a Good Marriage?

“Still, it appears to me that the phenomenon is real enough to stand on its own. The big question, of course, is whether missionary dating actually works.”

Being A Slay Queen Is Stupid: I Put My Engagement At Risk!

I was cool with that. We dated and for over two months,he never tried to kiss me or anything. I was the first to kiss him. He was such a gentleman.

I Love Her But She Keep Falling For Bad Guys:What Do I Do?

Well, I told her I was no longer interested, though I still love her so much. She left without really saying anything , after one month she came now wanting us back. I told her we was done.

My Experience With My Nigerian Husband – American Blog Reader Writes

It appear that he was not happy in getting marriage. But it left him no other choice because the girl was pregnant and in Africa he could not get away without marrying her.

Why So Many Women Stay In Toxic Relationships & How To Break The Cycle

For three years, she asked her husband to let go of that woman, and for three years, he promised to but didn't. She was beside herself, and rightly so.

An Open Letter To Wannabe Husbands Seeking “Perfect” Bride

But you my boy, who has apparently travelled the world for studies and work, and tasted the real essence of life, would know that a girl has also been there and done that.

My Husband Is Ashamed Of Me But I Got What I Wanted

I am so happy about this pregnancy even if it was not planned. I told my husband when I discovered and he was like,ok,

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