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Tonto Dikeh Reacts To Toyin Abraham’s Engagement With Video

The single mother of one was captured in a video she shared, excitedly jumping for joy and she stunned her fans with a couple of frontward flips, jubilatng at the recent good news

Relationships:Why Do I End Up Feeling Used After A Hookup?

It made it almost impossible to form truly intimate connections with anyone. I continued to feel lonely, sad, and inadequate because I could never truly express myself to a guy.

I’ve Moved On. Why Do I Still Think About My Ex?

“love can be like the weather. Meteorologically, we understand hurricanes. Emotionally, we don’t. We will never get an answer to ‘why did this hurricane destroy my house?’ other than ‘You were in its path.'”

Relationship Lies:Love Lie No 2: Seeing What You Want To See

She believed that these men were good, that they would take care of her. But typically they treated her terribly. Her extreme need morphed into a major relationship blind spot.

Men Use Marriage & Ring To manipulate Women Into S*x” : Joro Olumofin

Things have changed, the Value of men has gone up. This is only because a lot of ladies have attached marriage to their success and happiness in Life.

How Financially Stable Should A Man Be Before Marriage?

Some people think it is not faith to face reality. Faith is not a substitute for natural processes. It will be complete folly to have a closed eye to where you are going.

Thought Of Getting Married Stresses Me Out Way More Than It Excites Me

I know that one day I want to wear a gorgeous gown and say “I do” to the man of my dreams… just not anytime soon.

When Find Yourself Getting Caught Up In The What Could’ve Been

I’m a sucker for romance, so it wasn’t odd for me to walk away with my mind full of what ifs. What if he had asked for my number? What if we exchanged some cheesy line? What if he asked me to dinner

Dear Modern Man: Why Can’t You Be More Like Your Dad And Granddad?

Their wives were as compassionate as the women these days are. The difference between the men of their times and the men of today is their M-E-N-T-A-L-I-T-Y. The men of the earlier generations were very compassionate and caring.

Ladies Get In Here: What Most Men Consider To Be “Wife Material”

A grown man looks for a grown woman to settle down with, a woman who has shed off her childish tendencies and wants something real.

My Ex Husband Excites Me:He Is Fun & Dangerous But My Fiance is…

But after marriage,anytime we fight,he will refuse to apologize. This really put a strain on our marriage and in anger,I filed for divorce. I was so angry that he ddnt fight for us anymore. 

Man’s View- When Is The Best Age to Get Married?

Most men delay marriage because they wait for the perfect conditions. They want a higher salary or a bigger house, but these are just excuses. Conditions will never be perfect – you have to deal with it and be more realistic.

Stop Fretting Over Past Relationships. Here Are Lessons Learned

I learned the qualities I valued in a future spouse from past (unhealthy) relationships. With each relationship I got a little wiser about what kind of man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Must Read For The Married: Husbands Who Commit Abortion!

Your wife is NOT one of the boys. You and I are gifted because we can function and perform well when one area of our lives is leaking or going though a hemorrhage.  Things don't seem to bother us, in fact we don't care.

Making Relationships Work: This Is How You Know If It’s True Love

The difference between my husband and all those other guys is that when I spoke he listened and he was even willing to set aside his own desires to do what I preferred at times.

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