What I Wished I Knew When I Was Dealing With Being Single

When the man who will someday be your future husband hurts your feelings by pointing out that the guy you’re dating at the moment is kind of a jerk, listen to him — he’s right.

Dear Husbands:Whose happiness is most important – Hers or yours?

if you both want to work things out, you’ll need to be willing to stop blaming each other for the unwanted feelings you have and accept that the problems you’re experiencing may not be due to the relationship being wrong.

Check out Fatima Dangote’s stunning look to her bridal shower

Daughter of Billionaire Aliko Dangote, Fatima Dangote who had her pre-wedding dinner on Monday, looked absolutely stunning at her bridal shower which took place last night.

My Boyfriend Came Back After I Got Engaged & Everything Changed !

I was heartbroken when I heard this. We had broken up almost two years back. So I decided to get married and fulfil my parents' dream. I decided not to think about him anymore.

Those Memories Haunt Me,I Wish I Had Spoken To Him Just Once

Years passed by in this manner. I fell deeply in love with him. I would see him very often. Sometimes I would get a feeling that he too loved me but the very next day I would be very sure that he did not love me.

Watch Pst Benny Hinn & Pastor Chris Daughters Talk About Friendships

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's daughter (Sharon) and Benny Hinn's Daughter (Natasha), along with others, start new TV show on Loveworld USA which is currently reaching over 12million homes in the United States.

My Fiancee Broke My Heart First But Now She Wont Forgive Me

If anything,she was encouraging me. And before I knew it,she had taken off her top. At that time,I stopped and asked her what she was doing,what happened to our agreement to wait until after marriage.

I Trust Him With My Life, Why Don’t I Trust Him With My Money?

In relationships, money can be about control: who makes the big spending decisions and how. It can represent security: how a couple plans to provide for the future and how safe they feel with their savings and salaries.

It is not a sin to think about sex – Relationship expert

t only means that the Holy Spirit is there to guide you aright and help you not to dwell long in it and not to mess yourself up with that thought.

He Was Perfect But This Is How I Managed To Drive Him Away

I thought that by spending some time with him, I'd develop them too. I felt very happy that day. But, on the same day, I got messages from him like - 'Go to the parlour and change your hairstyle',

Why “Just” Praying For Your Marriage Doesn’t Work

. So, it appears to me that God commands believers to exhibit faith and works. In fact, our works serve as evidence of our faith. How does this apply to Christian marriage?

Why Jay-Z and Beyoncé Didn’t Get Divorced After He Cheated On Her

Jay offered up his explanation about why he was unfaithful to Bey. He blamed his infidelity on the way he was raised

No man should make you feel they’re doing you a favour marrying you

Nathaniel Bassey, took to Twitter to drop an advice he thinks ladies should cling to, when they find someone ready to walk them down the aisle.

This Is What Couples Need to Have in Order to Last…

"Couples who are friends, who have a lasting friendship, who deeply care about each other as people, not just sexual partners to be married to, when they have this deeper basis, everybody benefits,"

Crush on a Coworker: How to Handle a Coworker Crush Like an Adult

Preferably friends outside of the workplace. I mean, it’s okay to talk to someone from work, but if word spreads, then you may get yourself into trouble before anything even started.

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