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Pretty Sure My Luck With Men Has Run Out:Please Advice Me!

Good day,

I need your advice.

It’s been eleven months I walked away from my previous relationship. It has not been easy moving on but now I felt I should give love another try because my family are hoping I settle down soon.

I found myself in three guys life. The first one, which I love so much doesn’t understand my feeling and he is self-centered. He doesn’t care about what I think, all he want is his opinion to be right. That is not even the problem, I don’t see him as ambitious man. He is a graduate and still seeking a job.

I understand that he is not yet employed as my part I started thinking for a way to help him get a job. I even joined job vacancy groups for his sake. I will always forward link that are related to his field to him but I discovered that he is not applying. I am thinking maybe because his father is Rich that’s why he is not serious.

All he want is, going to club and flirting. There was a time, he wanted to go down with me and I refused. I am scared of getting pregnant for someone who is not financially ready. Ever since,he stopped calling and checking on me. I was hurt a little.

The second guy, I met him on WhatsApp sometimes ago. We came down to my state for this sallah celebration. I decided to meet him, I don’t trust the fact that he is single. I am doubting that he is not married. Now, I didn’t tell him my real name and anything true about me.

I don’t know how to start with that if I eventually see that he is serious about me. When I visited him, he also made sexual advances to me, which I refused. He didn’t speak to me till I left his place that day. Now I am thinking that all guys want sex.

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Eventually, he called saying that rubbish him by not allowing him to touch me. I told him that I am not into such relationship. I have not heard from him since then.

The third guy, is married and has two children. When I met him, I never knew he is married but I secretly like him. When I discovered that he is married, I pull myself from him.

Just recently, he is making some approaches that he really loves me that I shouldn’t mind that he is married. I told him I fear the law of karma, I don’t want to hurt his wife so that someone wont hurt me too. His advances is intimidating.

Also saying he want an understandable relationship with no pregnancy.

I was even thinking that I am not lucky with men. Maybe there is something I am not doing. I make sure I came out with an excellent grade in school, I learnt skills, I don’t club nor party. I just want love with no stress.

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My question is, how do one meet the right spouse?



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  1. Hello,

    This is alot for one person .Please take a deep breath

    My dear sweet girl, God loves you and wants the best future for you .These 3 men are not in anyway good for you or your future.

    I will share your Story shortly

    But if you ask me,You are still on your journey to lasting relationship success .

    Don’t be tired
    Don’t be discouraged
    You sound like a smart and beautiful person
    Have a little faith in God
    But the man she married is the best man I ever met

    I know ladies who waited for a long time for the right man to come along. Today. these men literary worship the ground that they walk on. You need to be strong

    Find the strength to do other things that help others so you get busy and fulfillment before your God packaged man arrives

    I know how you feel but am so proud of you for standing your ground .Do not settle a man with no drive or ambition

    Or the one who wants sex before love . Or a married woman’s husband

    The married woman will be in pain cos of you and God will protect her and fight her enemies for her. You do not want to be the prayer point of another fellow woman like you.

    Life is about faith. Please have a little faith in God.Just a little,He knows what he is doing about your case.

    Do not give up now. You have done so well so far .Just hang in there.

    Don’t ever think like that..there is nothing like luck…everyone has their time. As you wait your time…live your best life…praise God even in your low times.

    I know all a saying is not easy but always encourage yourself. God has not abandoned you. He has the best plan for you.

    Like i said….you sound smart and beautiful….do not forget who you are…you are made for the best.

    I am routing and praying for you.



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