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Please help, my wife is always pregnant!

We have been married for 3 years and every year, my wife gets pregnant!. We have two kids and the third is on its way. When she got pregnant the second time in the second , I was not alarmed.  We both agreed to quickly have our kids and rest for a while.. I don’t know how this third one happened, but she’s pregnant again, in the third year. Apart from the craziness of all these, I have a serious problem. Everytime she’s pregnant, having s*x is not the same. I am starved for a long time. Now, in three years, I feel like I can count how many times I have slept with my wife. While I know I am part of the blame, I thought my wife was on pills. We agreed she would go on pills right after our second child was born. I am so angry. Now I am seriously tempted to go and satisfy myself outside. Infact, there are women throwing themselves at me, I have done my best to resist but my wife keeps depriving me of s*x by getting pregnant each year. No one should blame me. I am a man and I have needs. The only problem I have is this would mean I committed adultery. But shouldn’t God understand my predicament? There are cases in the Bible, David slept with another man’s wife and he was a man after God’s heart. Seriously, advise  me. While people may condem me for thinking of this, they should remember that I am only being honest, most men would do it without thinking about it. I only ask because I know there may be people who have been in the same situation as me, maybe they can offer advice on how they went through this. Please only honest reactions. No bashing me, thank you for your help.
From Mr Muna
Lagos, V. I
A passionate people and godly relationship advocate!...Trained Psychologist and Human Resources Practioner. A seasoned Marriage and relationship counsellor. A mother, wife, sister, friend and daughter. J


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