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Please Help: How Feminism Is Destroying My Marriage

Dear Jzhane,

Please talk to these young girls of now . This talk about feminism, they should take it easy o cos it causing serious problem and that is why guys used to cheat on them anyhow. Me,I am an easy going guy,I dont like trouble and so when my wife starts her shakara,she will have herself to blame.

I am newly married. My wife is smart and beautiful. I like her boldness and way she behave but she behave like all these feminist sometimes and its annoying me. See,every married couple have arguments abi. Once we have arguments,my wife will be acting anyhow.

She will be denying me s*x if I dont say sorry  every time we have an issue. While I know that you should say sorry when an issue occur but its not every time one should say sorry na.At least we are not dating. This is marriage.

How long will I continue to say sorry in this marriage? In fact,I am not the one at fault sometimes but she will make it look like I am at fault and just for peace to reign,I will say sorry.

Now,it has become a right …she will now deny me s*x if I do not say sorry. Ha…ladies need to understand how men are o. Cos,that thing is very annoying. It makes me even loose erection. Why must you hold something that happened over my right as a husband?

Yes,its my right as a husband to have sx with my wife anytime I want. But if she is angry,she will lie that she is not feeling fine….or that she is not in the mood. Now,the repercussion is that,I like sx and she is making me nurse thoughts of cheating.

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To make things worse,I have a very attractive female corper in my office that has been throwing herself at me since they posted her to my office. This girl eh…all I need to just say is yes. She has been seriously giving me the green light.

The more I think of this,the more I want to sleep with this corper. If I try to go to my wife for s*x,that is when the devil wants to use her to push me into temptation. I love my wife but this her attitude needs to stop.

One thing ladies need to understand is that men have ego. I have never seen my father or any of my friends apologize to their wives the way my wife is trying to make me do. Its ego and its a man thing. I know some of your readers will not agree but if we want to say the truth …and for peace to reign,that is the truth.

Men have other ways of saying sorry but if he does not say it,that should not make a wife deny her husband s*x. Guys here can bear me witness. Let any guy deny this…I dont think so.

Please help me advise her. Both of us are Lively Stones members,so she will be reading your comments.

God bless.



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  1. Hello Sir,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and most especially,thank you for your honesty.

    But pardon me,your story has been making me laugh…do you know why?

    If I give you an honest answer to your story,you will also call me a feminist…lol

    I think you know deep within your heart what to do…you know what is right and wrong….but like you said…your ego is getting in your way.

    Feminism and your wife is not the problem….the real problem here is your ego.

    That your father and friends never used to apologize to their wives does not make it right….

    Marriage is a union of 2 forgivers…and two people who know how to apologize when they are wrong.

    Saying sorry does not have to mean you are wrong. It means that you place your marriage above your ego.

    I am also not saying your wife is right for denying you sex….no…that is wrong…she is taking it too far…but if she is reading this…please madam….take it easy…NEVER USE SEX AS A WEAPON IN YOUR MARRIAGE….that is selfishness.

    So,madam,even though you are hurt,put your pride aside and make love to oga. Who knows,the sex can even settle the matter (although ladies dont like that kind of apology…they prefer you saying it)

    Mister….please your marriage is young….you have not even started and you are already thinking of cheating…..haba…better carry your 2 legs and run away from that corper. Flee all appearances of evil…that is the devil dangling fried fish in your eyes (lol…that is if your favorite food is friend fish)

    Talk to your wife.Be gentle with her. Both of you learn each other’s love language….

    Be a different man…dont be like the average man who thinks its weak to apologize to his lady…she is your queen and you are her king….if there is an issue….deal with it before its too late…don’t wait for sex time to start debating who is right or wrong…

    I know a man who even before the wife complains of anything,he starts apologizing….that too can be annoying cos the woman says: do you even know why you are apologizing?

    That means…even saying sorry may not be enough sometimes….a changed attitude is always better than saying sorry all the time…so its best you stop doing the things that annoy each other so you can stop saying sorry unnecessarily.

    I am routing for you guys…please make this work…throw all ego out the window.

    God bless you.

  2. What do you know feminism to mean and be? First find out what feminism really is before you say things ignorantly.
    If you know what feminism really is, you will claim that feminism is the cause of your problem.
    Feminism is not your problem.

    Your problem is your attitude.
    Like most men, you have allowed your pride and ego to determine how you relate with your wife, that is why she is responding to you that way.

    Go work on your attitude and leave feminism alone. Stop accusing feminism for being the cause of a problem you caused by yourself when you don’t know what feminism really is.


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