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Home Advice Please Advise: Could This Man Be The Man Of My Dreams?

Please Advise: Could This Man Be The Man Of My Dreams?

Good day LS,

I need the advice of lively stones on something bothering me. This is it:I am in a dilemma now and don’t know what to do, that’s why I’m contacting you.

I recently met this guy in a Christian group, he’s a good guy and has ticked all the qualities I need in a man. He recently asked me out and I know he’s in for the long term which is marriage, I’m yet to give him a response though.

I have peace within me when I’m with him.

The issue is that he’s not ready to settle down immediately till after about 2 years due to financial issues, we are both in our late twenties, do you think I should give him a chance or not?


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  1. Hello dear,

    You see,there is no straight forward answer to your question. My advise will be,if you just met him,give it some time. Why not try to be friends first so you can get to know him better . That way,you can determine if he is worth waiting for in two years.

    I like the fact that the guy is open and focused….his plan is in two years time. That is not a bad plan and two years is not long…my only worry is….do you know him well enough…is he a man of his words…does he have integrity? How does he treat you…does he respect you and your goals and dreams?

    Financially….how will you compliment him so that in two years,you both can be together if its God’s will?

    You need to have a heart to heart discussion with him….waiting 2 years is no big deal…its will he still love you to want to marry you by that time? Will you still be in love with him by then?

    After your talk…if the main issue is finance…talk about how both of you can plan towards that….you do not have to have everything ready but you should be able to have a place to live and steady income . And both of you should be able to support each other’s dreams.

    Talk to him. Get clarity on his plans. Observe his character traits a little bit more…see how sincere he is…you will know after sometime if he is the real deal or a time waster.

    Do not forget to pray about it…that is your sure best way …God will help you and guide you.

    All the best dear.

  2. Is he waiting for the 2 years because he believes in 2 years time he would have made enough money for marriage or he just fixed that 2 years because that is when he wants to get married.
    If he is waiting for 2 years because of money, my question is, what is he doing now to improve his financial situation?, if after two years his financial situation does not improve, what happens then?
    You need to ask yourself if waiting for a man for 2 years is what you want. If after the 2 years he tells you he no longer loves or he doesn’t think you are God’s appointed for him, what will you do?
    I think you need to think through this thoroughly and pray about it before taking any further step.


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