Please Advice Me- Should I Accept This Marriage Proposal?

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Good afternoon,

Please I really need your advice. I’ve been friends ( just friends) with this guy for a year now. We’ve been close friends and last month he asked for my hand in marriage ( without asking me to be his girlfriend).

So, I told him that my decision lies mainly on what my parents has to say about it (mind you, I’ve been crushing on him). I told my parents about it and they said that they don’t want any of their children to get married to an Imo State person (he’s from Imo).


My parents also want me to go for my MSc (I’d be getting my Bsc this year).

According to him, he wanted us to get married this December and he’s also ready to support my education even up to my PhD.

The issue is that I’ve fallen in love with him too, I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to hurt my parents but I also don’t want to hurt myself either. He was planning to come and see my parents, but I told him to hold on. I’m just so confused. Note: I live in Imo (I was born here), I’m 20 and he’s 30.

Please help me.


From anonymous LS  Facebook Reader


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  1. Hello,

    Lets go straight to the point: I see nothing wrong here. I see no reason why you cannot marry this guy…tribe should never be a factor.

    My only worry is your age…the age gap between you is 10 years!…thats too much.Secondly…at 20…are you sure you are emotionally mature for marriage?

    Marriage comes with responsibility…disagreements,compromise,patience,sometimes challenges…even child bearing…can you raise children when you are still in school? Your children will need their mother to be available,,,when they are sick,when they want o do homework….etc

    As for the age difference…hope he does not act like big brother…when men marry,they become the head of the house..if you are much younger,he probably treat you like a small girl and not have a voice…just saying..not all men do that but some do that but…

    And then,his character…. is he kind to you,does he care about you..does he see you for who you are…Is he a serious christian?does he respect you?

    As for your parents, just tell your parents to relax…And how confident you are when talking to your parents is what will convince them. If you sound unsure…they will say no. If you show them you are confident and you have a plan to make sure you will be fine when you marry,your parents will believe you.

    Talk to your parents… be firm and consistent…let them know you will not disappoint them.

    Maybe it is God’s will for you to be married now…if you have prayed and you are sure…everything will be fine.

    God bless


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