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This section will feature personalities who have demonstrated resilience in life. People who are role models and made an impact in their society,

The Thief Called Divorce…….Poem By Oyindamola

The Thief Called Divorce.......Poem By Oyindamola

On The Subject Matter: Marrying Early Versus Marrying Late!

The basic reason for making two one flesh is for companionship and fellowship... If your relationship ain't achieving this basic purpose, you might need to step back and do some assessment... 

”Love Divine” Another One From The Outstanding Poet Oyindamola

''Love Divine'' Another One From The Outstanding Poet Oyindamola

Celebrating A Lively Stones Icon: Happy Birthday Pst Zizi!

His birthday was on the 16th of July 2018...and we would like to celebrate him...we also ask all our fans to join us in celebrating such a reliable partner of Lively Stones...

Agie’s Musing: The Hypocrisy Of Who You Choose To Love…

I don't get it. Is there a logical reason for this? Does it make sense to anyone? Please share as my lens for now is foggy and needs intense cleaning. 

Blessing Oyinyeye Writes A Beautiful Piece: ”You Are A Woman”..

Blessing Okafor Writes A Beautiful Piece: ''You Are A Woman''.

“Not A Slave”……………….Another Master Piece From Oyindamola

"Not A Slave"...................Another Master Piece From Oyindamola

What If I Were Your Child…My Thoughts On Child Abuse

I remember her telling me the story of her fun- filled childhood in the village. This was denied her within the period she stayed with our wicked neighbor.

Is Life Really Unfair: A Poem By Adefunke Oyindamola

Is Life Really Unfair: A Poem By Adefunke Oyindamola

The Instant Noodles Generation: This Week’s Musing By Agie

Our house helps are continually being berated as they are not worthy to be around our children but are being allowed out of necessity. 

Weekly Musing With Agie: Are There Still Good Men Or Are They Extinct?

I saw the past in him, I interpreted every gesture in every negative way possible, I refused his compliments. In retrospect it was because I didn't believe anymore

“Appreciate it if a girl says yes to your proposal” – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy has taken to Twitter to advise men to appreciate women who accept their proposal in this age of social media.

Check Out This Week’s Musing With Agie: Embrace Your Uniqueness!

Going on dates is not a sin biko, go out have fun, mingle, meet new people and then please go home (Let's avoid story that touches the heart 9 months later)

Welcome To My Weekly Musing With The Beautiful Ms. Agie!

I realised that I liked little things like being feminine, having the door opened for me, having a man fight some of my battles.

Husband & Wife Must Know Each Other’s ATM Pin No- Police

He says if either of the couple is not willing to share their PIN with the other, then one should pray to God for their better half.

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