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This section will feature personalities who have demonstrated resilience in life. People who are role models and made an impact in their society,

God Never Told A Woman To Love Her Husband – Pastor Uebert Angel

Uebert Angel further stated that the reason why a woman malfunctions is because she isn’t getting love, a thing she is created for.

Wizkid’s Ex Tania Omotayo Marries Buzzbar Co-owner,Sumbo

Tania Omotayo and Sumbo have been dating for a while and reportedly got engaged recently. Although the ceremony is a bit private.

See Pictures Of New Wife Being Presented To The Ooni Of Ife

Earlier on today,we brought news that the Ooni of Ife has a new bride. Click here if you missed that story. Here are new pictures of the bride as she is being presented to the Ooni last night.

Fela Durotoye Talks About Humble Beginnings With His Wife

We’ve been through so much and have come so far, solely by the Grace of God and a determined work ethic. So where ever you might be in your life today.

Meet The Ooni Of Ife’s New Wife- Prophetess Naomi Oluwaseyi

the new Olori, named as Prophetess/Evangelist Naomi Oluwaseyi, “is the Founder/President of EN-HERALDS, a prophetic mandate and an interdenominal ministry based in Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria.”

Why My Marriage Is Working-Nollywood Actress:Dakore Egbuson

I think we are just at odds with the old way of doing things, they way our parents used to, the way we want to do things. But I think we just need to forge a new chapter. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Meghan Markle Is Pregnant-Prince Harry & Meghan Are Having A Baby

Meghan is said to be in 'good health' and they have had a successful 12 week scan - suggesting that the baby is due in late April, possibly around St George's Day.

Woman- How I Escaped Being Raped By A Trusted Friend

Lady, called out the trusted friend identified as Kevin Jazuara, sharing his photo, and added that the attack occurred while her friend was drunk.

Beyond Infatuation – Pastor Tony Rapu Shares Marriage Advice

The pleasurable feeling it creates is God’s way of encouraging a man and woman to grow interested in one another and begin the journey towards marriage. .

Lind Ikeji Steps Out With Her Baby For The First Time (Pic)

asy pregnancy, easy delivery and now snap back without any effort from me. I've hardly stepped out of the house, just staring at Jayce like a slowpoke. ���. How any woman can be a mum and be calm is beyond me

The Animal In Human Skin: Poem By Oyindamola Adefunke

She shouted till her voice could no longer be heard Her hands were tightly held Tears flowed down her cheek like river Nile With your knees you opened her thigh 

Stock Exchange Boss,Oscar Onyema’s Still Single @50!-Family Worried!

Till date, the dark dude has too many ladies seeking his attention and he never denies them anything from the abundance of his material and more importantly, physical endowments, it was reliably gathered

We Have The Audacity We Have To Criticize Others?

Of course we won't fall but we will fall when mum tells us don't eat this meat, we go ahead and take it forgetting there are many more meats we can still eat

Give Thanks!….A Beautiful Poem By Oyindamola Adefunke

Think about them and react Eternal salvation, eternal redemption All given to you with no commission Yours freely, indeed it's free! Give thanks and let your sorrows flee!

Ladies!!!:Famed Gospel Artist ,Tim Godfrey Is Looking For A Wife!

If some stubborn ladies push beyond (the limit), I think I have been able to handle it. I can’t get vulnerable. I try to be very careful as much as I can.

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