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This section will feature personalities who have demonstrated resilience in life. People who are role models and made an impact in their society,

How I Planned To Kidnap My Ex On His Wedding Day

"He met someone else who started giving him the peace I used to give him when we first started dating.

Happy Birthday To A VIP Member Of Lively Stones: Mr Uzo!

Lively Stones wishes one of it founding members a very happy birthday. Today,the 16th of July,2019 is the birthday of Mr. Uzo,a Lively Stones founding member.

Aluka Igbokwe: Before You Call that Woman ‘Cheap’…

Obike was unashamed, giving us gist of how many girls he had slept with, excited about potential girls that would grace his bed, ticking them off on a list, as though he was taking a census count. Obike was the street he-goat.

Meghan & Prince Harry Christened baby Archie Harrison

The event took place at the Private Chapel in Windsor Castle, the same castle where Prince Harry and Meghan wed on 19 May 2018. According to Buckingham Palace, the royal's christening was a small affair, attended by fewer than 25 people

First Pictures From Uloma & Kingsley Fairy Tale Wedding Celebration

The couple were joined in Holy Matrimony in Christ Embassy and they later treated their guests to a time of celebration at their wedding reception later that day.

Marriage Alert-How Nkechi & Egbiri Fell In Love On Social Media

So frequently that I was constantly on Skype with Nkechi, and even missed rendezvous to the annoyance of my friends. I remember a friend of ours in DC that would come to visit and throughout her stay I would be on Skype talking.

Happy Birthday To Lively Stones Member-Abel Seidu

May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on. We hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever.

Happy Birthday To One Of Lively Stones Outstanding- Ms. Oluwakemi

Our hearts are filled with joy as we celebrate this kind young lady that God has blessed us with. Ladies and gentlemen,help us wish Oluwakemi a brilliant happy birthday. And if you see her for me,please give her a big bear hug!...

A Woman Shares Her Story Of Pain, Struggle,Courage & Victory-Pt 4

I tried my possible best to provide all their needs, and give them a comfortable life. I must confess I sometimes got weighed down, and for countless times, I would break down and cry at the thoughts of all I was passing through.

A Woman Shares Her Story Of Pain, Struggle,Courage & Victory-Pt 3

So by the time I began to approach them, I was shocked at their responses. I was grieved beyond words. One of them whom I felt would understand my plight shocked me when he also refused,

A Woman Shares Her Story Of Pain, Struggle,Courage & Victory-Pt 2

I gently begged him to open a good business for me, or at least settle me off, for I believe I had performed better than all the boys he ever lived with.

Exclusive: Uloma & Kingsley Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photos

Friends of Livelystones,Uloma and Kingsley shared lovely pre-wedding photos for her upcoming wedding with LS. The beautiful duo had different outfits for the pre-wedding photo shoot to spice up the count down to their wedding.

Fela And Tara Durotoye Celebrate Wedding Anniversary In Maldives


The Lifeless Canker -A Poem By Oyindamola Adefunke

The rope seems to be one of quick options But it has no answer to your thousand questions You've raced amidst thorns in your sojourn Suicide isn't the way to stop the mourn

I Did Not Cheat On My Wife- I Had An Emotional Affair -Pastor John...

So it’s important for me to take responsibility for the areas where I did come short…sharing things about my marriage outside of my wife and outside of my counselors is an emotional affair.

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