Saturday, December 7, 2019

I Have Forgiven My Girlfriend But Can Our Relationship Still Work?

When I came back for break, I had to ask her more questions, that was when she was saying all these with difficulty.

He Engaged Me But How Do I Know If He Is Serious?

Good morning good people... Am shattered..please advice me on what to do... My fiance and I have talked marriage. We spoke 4 days ago but he...

My Man Changed His Life But His Confession Is Destroying Us!

When I spoke to her,she laughed a very evil laugh and hissed. That made me think she was not sorry or maybe the affair is not over.

How God Transformed My Failing Marriage: Marriage Testimony!

In the light of His grace, as I began to set all my finger pointing aside, clarity came. I realized, yes, my husband had room to grow, but so did I.

Our Love Shattered In Many Places:Can We Ever Mend This?

Only once according to him but she ended up getting pregnant but Tunji is denying the pregnancy. He is demanding a DNA test but the girl's mother said no.

Tried Everything To Change My Fiance:He Just Does Not Get Me!

I love to feel,I do same for him. I buy him stuff...I invite him to go to movies etc....he does not want to. He will say he is busy,hustling for our future,etc.

Are S*xless Marriages More Common Than We Think?

“If a couple is content with intimacy less than once a month, and happily married, I doubt they would refer to themselves as having a s*xless marriage…

Having S*x In My Dreams For Over Ten Years: Fantasy Or Curse?

Everyone has s*xual fantasy. If we are being honest. Mine is having s*x with multiple women and I get to fufill that fantasy in my dreams.

Things You Need to Know About S*x in Your Forties!

Learn more about what you like, now that you have less of a sense of urgency. S*x can be like enjoying a gourmet meal in midlife compared to the fast-food version some people have when they are younger.”

Marriage Revelation: Why I Have To Marry An Older Woman?

I do not have anything against them but they are not in the picture for me. My brother in-law says if I marry someone younger,the marriage will not work.

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I Kept Myself For 34 years But My Marriage Lasted Only Wedding Night

It was the happiest day of my life. It was such a beautiful day. My friends and family were all there. Everyone was happy for me and I was grateful to God. I had waited for my dream man.

My Husband Wants A Male Child And I Want A Divorce

All of these I took as normal cos I wanted my marriage to work and I wanted to stay because of my children. So all that he did to me,I took all in good faith.

Welcome To My Weekly Musing With The Beautiful Ms. Agie!

I realised that I liked little things like being feminine, having the door opened for me, having a man fight some of my battles.

Almost 4 Years Of Fighting For My Marriage…Maybe Its Time To Move On?

I havent been with any man. I have urges. I cry every day. My husband too feels frustrated about his condition. Sometimes he goes into depression.

My wife is always nagging… Help me!

From anonymous husband Good day madam. I don't know how to say this  but I have been married to Shirley for 5 yrs going to...

She cheated,now we are being blackmailed!

Hello, My life is at a very dark place now. I am not a happy man at all. When I married my wife, I was...

Should I confront her?

Dear Lively Stones, My wife and I belong to our estate whatsapp group. Recently, I needed to use her her phone as I was out...

Please help, my wife is always pregnant!

We have been married for 3 years and every year, my wife gets pregnant!. We have two kids and the third is on its...

My sister’s husband

Dear Admin This may sound unreal to some, but I slept with my sister's husband. And both of them don't know. My sister and I...

Should I break up with him?

Good morning Lively Stones, I am a 25 year old lady. I just finished uni and got a job working for almost six months now....


Hello there,   I would like to welcome you officially to Lively Stones!. This blog was created out of a need to reach people with sound...

Ask Jzhane

Dear LS, I have been married for over a decade. We have a beautiful family. However, with child bearing and age, things have changed between...


Lions without dress

Wife: listen, shall we go to watch the circus ??? Husband : No......... I m busy.. Wife : it seems there's a girl riding on a...

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