Saturday, December 7, 2019

I Have Forgiven My Girlfriend But Can Our Relationship Still Work?

When I came back for break, I had to ask her more questions, that was when she was saying all these with difficulty.

He Engaged Me But How Do I Know If He Is Serious?

Good morning good people... Am shattered..please advice me on what to do... My fiance and I have talked marriage. We spoke 4 days ago but he...

My Man Changed His Life But His Confession Is Destroying Us!

When I spoke to her,she laughed a very evil laugh and hissed. That made me think she was not sorry or maybe the affair is not over.

How God Transformed My Failing Marriage: Marriage Testimony!

In the light of His grace, as I began to set all my finger pointing aside, clarity came. I realized, yes, my husband had room to grow, but so did I.

Our Love Shattered In Many Places:Can We Ever Mend This?

Only once according to him but she ended up getting pregnant but Tunji is denying the pregnancy. He is demanding a DNA test but the girl's mother said no.

Tried Everything To Change My Fiance:He Just Does Not Get Me!

I love to feel,I do same for him. I buy him stuff...I invite him to go to movies etc....he does not want to. He will say he is busy,hustling for our future,etc.

Are S*xless Marriages More Common Than We Think?

“If a couple is content with intimacy less than once a month, and happily married, I doubt they would refer to themselves as having a s*xless marriage…

Having S*x In My Dreams For Over Ten Years: Fantasy Or Curse?

Everyone has s*xual fantasy. If we are being honest. Mine is having s*x with multiple women and I get to fufill that fantasy in my dreams.

Things You Need to Know About S*x in Your Forties!

Learn more about what you like, now that you have less of a sense of urgency. S*x can be like enjoying a gourmet meal in midlife compared to the fast-food version some people have when they are younger.”

Marriage Revelation: Why I Have To Marry An Older Woman?

I do not have anything against them but they are not in the picture for me. My brother in-law says if I marry someone younger,the marriage will not work.

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I Kept Myself For 34 years But My Marriage Lasted Only Wedding Night

It was the happiest day of my life. It was such a beautiful day. My friends and family were all there. Everyone was happy for me and I was grateful to God. I had waited for my dream man.

My Husband Wants A Male Child And I Want A Divorce

All of these I took as normal cos I wanted my marriage to work and I wanted to stay because of my children. So all that he did to me,I took all in good faith.

Welcome To My Weekly Musing With The Beautiful Ms. Agie!

I realised that I liked little things like being feminine, having the door opened for me, having a man fight some of my battles.

Almost 4 Years Of Fighting For My Marriage…Maybe Its Time To Move On?

I havent been with any man. I have urges. I cry every day. My husband too feels frustrated about his condition. Sometimes he goes into depression.

I offended my boyfriend,now he is not talking to me…please help me

Dear Jzhane, I have a big mouth,yes I admit and I am so ashamed right now. I met Obinna last year and he did admit that...

Awww…Nigerian parents cried at the wedding of their twin daughters who wedded the same day

Aww,so sweet!   It was an emotional moment for Mr and Mrs Aboderin as they gave out their twin daughters, Taiwo and Kehinde in marriage to...

Please help me, I think I am depressed!

Nobody cares about me. What I mean is, I am a 41 year old married woman with kids and I have been married for...

He does not want to talk …how do I get closure?

Dear Lively Stones, How do you get closure after a betrayal? I always check my husband’s phone but out of respect, I don’t check his...

What to do when your spouse betrays your trust….

Trust in any relationship  is the live wire that keeps every relationship  going strong. Sometimes.... Trust  gets broken  ...people get betrayed  by the one that...

Maid Of Honour Upstages Newlyweds In Hilarious Wedding Photos

Running around after the bride, even if they are your BFF, can be a dull way to spend a wedding. So one maid of honour...

Saudi Arabia To Lift Restriction Banning Women From Sports Stadiums

  For the first time in history, Saudi Arabia will open some of its sports stadiums to women, the latest move by one of the...

How to make up with your spouse after a ”fight”

One of the displeasure that come with being married is that sometimes,you and your spouse may have disagreements and quarrel over issues. People are...

What to Do When Your Spouse Is Addicted to Porn

Not much is known about addiction to pornography—not the numbers of people affected or  even the precise definition. There just isn't a body of...

Your Spending Habits Can Hurt Your Marriage

It's sometimes a case of "till shopping do us part." According to new research, if you think your spouse is a spendthrift, it may hurt...

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