Friday, October 18, 2019

My Friend’s Husband Keeps Chatting With His Ex Girlfriend

She have noticed  that for a longer time... She is really confused and don't know that to do.... She is asking me for advice but I don't know what to tell her...

Toyin Abraham Reveals Infertility Problems & How She Conceived

i was the biggest skeptic, but after seeing the proofs in other women, i had no choice but to believe, and I am glad I did. The effectiveness of the traditional herbal remedies of our fore fathers must be preserved.

Please Help: How Feminism Is Destroying My Marriage

r that she is not in the mood. Now,the repercussion is that,I like s*x and she is making me nurse thoughts of cheating.

My Marriage Needs Help: I Am Tired Of Pretending-Please Help Me!

There was a time,I started making some health foods and drinks to try to help his quick release but my husband refused to take them.

#LSHangout Just 4 Days To Go!Hurry-Register For Free:Limited Spaces!

This edition,I will be bringing some experts to help deal with many areas of marriage,relationship and general well being.

In Love With A Jobless Man But My Mother Forbids It

That even if the guy comes with money to marry me that she won't accept. Just because he was flaunting me on Facebook.

My Girlfriend Is Getting Married To A Man She Does Not Love

he is a man who marries and Divorce and humiliate women after pleasure but the parents due to materialism and ignorant they are forcing she must go to him.

Happy Birthday To A Lively Stones Fan:Unchenna Dominion

May God almighty bless you with a life full of joy and happiness. And may you always find favor in His eyes. Have a happy birthday.''

Help Me:He Said He Loved Me But I Think I Just Pushed Him Away

Please advice me on how to easily ease myself of the hurt I'm facing.I can't even focus, I deleted his no but I am tempted to call him cos I know his no by heart.

I Need Advise:What Does My Boyfriend Mean By:God Is In Control?

Please, what does that mean?What does he mean by the statement above? Since then, this does not pick my calls any more. What can I do.  Because I want to ask if by any way I have offended him?

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I Kept Myself For 34 years But My Marriage Lasted Only Wedding Night

It was the happiest day of my life. It was such a beautiful day. My friends and family were all there. Everyone was happy for me and I was grateful to God. I had waited for my dream man.

My Husband Wants A Male Child And I Want A Divorce

All of these I took as normal cos I wanted my marriage to work and I wanted to stay because of my children. So all that he did to me,I took all in good faith.

Welcome To My Weekly Musing With The Beautiful Ms. Agie!

I realised that I liked little things like being feminine, having the door opened for me, having a man fight some of my battles.

Almost 4 Years Of Fighting For My Marriage…Maybe Its Time To Move On?

I havent been with any man. I have urges. I cry every day. My husband too feels frustrated about his condition. Sometimes he goes into depression.

10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Got Married

The minute we said I do, so much changed and I was disappointed that no one told me that we’d be fighting about things like which brand of toothpaste to buy and not having time for s*x, or even who’s family we would spend the holidays with

Stella Damasus reveals she was abused by second husband

Isn’t it crazy that what the world sees in this picture is a happy, smiley and confident Stella but up till today, no one knew that just before I came downstairs, I had cried in my bedroom because of ‘my man’ at the time. I had scars but they weren’t visible.

Nigerian men are now afraid that women will kill them’ – New Study

They tell the victims to pray so that God can change the hearts of their men. They advise them to watch War Room; to minimise one another and maximise their husband’s ego so that the manlier he feels, the less likely he would be violent.

Dear Fellow Husbands…open letter from one husband to others

omorrow will bring yet another disappointment and how do I respond? I run to the vices. They help me escape and numb the pain. Be it drinking, smoking, video games, online chat rooms, binge watching tv shows on Netflix, gambling online, porn, intentionally flirting with danger by (you can fill in the blank). 

why are women such devils?my friend’s wife wants me!

this babe started making moves on me. She said she liked what she saw and wanted a piece of it. I ignored her. I mean,its a gentleman's code thing or so. I couldnt do this to my friend. But the babe persisted.I ended up giving in to her towards the end of the semester.

Marriage In The Midst Of Miscarriage: finding strength & Healing

But when I took the courageous step to say, “Our baby would have been born this week and I’m really sad about that” my husband was able to respond and embrace me, making him a part of my healing process.

Little Things That Will Make or Break Your Relationship

Although an enthusiastic response to an emotional bid is almost always appreciated, more often than not a simple acknowledgement of your partner’s bid is enough to deepen your connection. You don’t have to deliver endless energy, attention, and focus to be a relationship master.

‘I’m not Adesua’s ex’ – Kunle Remi reacts to reports

Having said that this is my advice to those this may concern; Just for your sanity try to be sure about the rumors and gist before you tongue lash people or judge people.

Jay-Z Opens Up About Cheating on Beyoncé,says therapy saved them

“So you go into survival mode, and when you go into survival mode what happen? You shut down all emotions. So even with women, you gonna shut down emotionally, so you can’t connect,” he explained. “And then all the things happen from there: infidelity…”

David Otunga Awarded Primary Custody Of His & Jennifer Hudson’s Son

Otunga argued that due to Jennifer’s traveling schedule since their son was first born, he’s been his primary caregiver. Now the two both acknowledge that their 8-year-old will be in his care until they come up with another agreement.

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