Wednesday, February 19, 2020

My Best Friend’s Husband Is My Destiny Helper-Please Advise!

I have always wanted to rise above my situation so I studied hard at school until Secondary school when I could not raise money anymore to continue to University.

Fighting Temptation,Fighting For My Life & Friendship-Please Advise!

He was cheating and they were always quarreling. It got so bad that my friend became emotionally unstable and left her home. Family and friend tried to unit them but Nkechi was adamant.

My Mother-In-Law Humiliated Me & Called My Pain A Test!

She would insult me for no reason and threatened to slap me and she slapped me one time cos she was calling me and I did not hear cos the TV volume was loud. She came in and slapped me.

Is My Fiance A Liar,A Cheat Or Fraud Or Just An Unlucky Man?

Always asking me to be patient and believe in his dreams of making it one day and really compensate me for being so patient with him. Marriage talks came up. One day,I got a call from the police. Femi was arrested for duping someone.

Does It Matter Where I Marry From?My Dad Thinks So!

Good afternoon ma. This is my question.Talking about marriage, I am a yoruba girl, my parents always say that they want their son in law...

My Boss Gave Me The Best Valentine Gift:I Need To Make A Decision!

her ex began to send her money and she lied to me that he was just a friend. The day I found out he was her ex,I was mad with anger and accused her of cheating.

How To I Continue To Deal With Emotional Abuse In My Marriage?

Again,as an obedient wife,I did that. He said he did not any house help so I did all the house work although,at weekends,my relative would help clean in the morning on Saturdays.

I Need Relationship Advise-What Should I Do With Two Boyfriends?

We had a fight one day and he said the so-called ex girlfriend was not his ex, apparently they weren't together anymore

Will My Friend’s Advise Help Me Save My Marriage?

My friend said its normal for men to cheat and since my situation is childlessness,that many girls will be all over my husband to have children for me.

Help! I Need To Make A Hard Decision Before Its Too Late

I was devastated. I just did not know what to do. I know this guy cares more for me than my boyfriend but I know I will have more financial security with my boyfriend.

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I Kept Myself For 34 years But My Marriage Lasted Only Wedding Night

It was the happiest day of my life. It was such a beautiful day. My friends and family were all there. Everyone was happy for me and I was grateful to God. I had waited for my dream man.

My Husband Wants A Male Child And I Want A Divorce

All of these I took as normal cos I wanted my marriage to work and I wanted to stay because of my children. So all that he did to me,I took all in good faith.

Welcome To My Weekly Musing With The Beautiful Ms. Agie!

I realised that I liked little things like being feminine, having the door opened for me, having a man fight some of my battles.

Almost 4 Years Of Fighting For My Marriage…Maybe Its Time To Move On?

I havent been with any man. I have urges. I cry every day. My husband too feels frustrated about his condition. Sometimes he goes into depression.

Why Did God Create Marriage in the First Place?(Crosswalk Article)

God was also the first father in history to give away the bride. Genesis 2:22 says “And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.”

How Do I Help My Wife Heal From Her Painful Family Secret?

she got pregnant for him twice and it was aborted. Her mother is aware but her mother begged her not to reveal to anyone cos the man used to be violent towards the mother.

Happy Birthday To An LS Vision Partner & Friend: Mr Creve!

Today is the birthday of one of our most amiable member and friend....a dedicated LS supporter and advocate. Happy birthday Mr Creve Ebiye... We want to...

My Boyfriend Is Not Vocal About Our Future:Should I Be Worried?

So my first question is how do I ask him without coming off as overly desperate cos I believe we should discuss, plan and even fix a date or something.

Her Guardian’s Husband Is Pestering Her All The Time -Please Advice!

My friend sent her younger sister of 16 years to leave with a relative in Abuja. The husband of this relative desperately want to sleep with her younger si

My Marriage Has Reached A Boiling Point:Please Advise Me!

He tells me everything and we gist like small children even till now but we've been having so many conflicts too frequently that they leave me emotionally drained.

Are My Indiscretions Responsible For These Constant Losses?

He finally allowed me to be. Cos,I think he got tired of my attitude. He would prefer to masturbate and frankly speaking,I did not care,after all,I was pregnant.

Why I Told My Son To Sack His Female Secretary – Pastor Adeboye

If there is any fellow aside from your spouse you are admiring unduly, you must see such a person as the devil and get rid of them immediately.”

My Wife Is A Very Stubborn Woman:She Wants To Control Me!

Being without my wife has also made me do something I never thought I would ever do. I have needs and I am cheating on my wife. I cannot help it.

A Coworker Has Taken Over My Husband: What Do I Do About This?

l could not talk but cry 😭😭😭😭, so l tap him to wake up truly he wake up with tears in my eye l was asking him who this lady is, he said is not serious that is his coo worker that he only help her

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