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One Week Of Dating & Breakup: Is There Hope For Us?

Good evening ma,

One guy saw my pictures on her friend’s status and expressed interest in me so we started dating. It was a distance relationship actually .

Fast forward to a week of us talking. He called me one afternoon and I was actually sleeping and couldn’t pick his call because I was sleeping.

He refused talking to me with the claim that I was with a guy and went ahead to tell me we should break up just like that 🤣 that he wants to be alone I pleaded and pleaded but he said no.

Then later on he called me again I was talking normal to me claiming he loves me. But my heart has gone out of it because of what he did.

His begging me for a second chance but do you think this kind of attitude from him will make this relationship better in anyway 🤷‍♀


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  1. My dear,

    Do you really want our advice? I think you already know what to do….

    So you only dated one week….and he broke up with you…accused you of cheating….and you still asking if you should give him a second chance?

    Do you want to be with an insecure and egoistic man?….if you want,give him a second chance.

    I have no patience for people like this. And if you just accept him like that,it shows how desperate you are…this man will never respect you if you show him desperation.

    Have some self dignity….you deserve better….



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