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Office Romance Series Pt 2: Read My Experience & Advise Me Please

Editor’s Note:

The final part of the story sent by a heart broken lady. Click here for part 1. She is asking for advise on how to heal on from a bad relationship. Please share your advise with her: have you been involved in office romance before? Was it good for you?Please share your experience and drop an advise too.


And then she dropped the phone. Said I will call you back. She called back like 2 hours later and guess what she said…she said she too was in a relationship with BM. The bad part was that she is a married woman but she said it started because she needed help from him.

She was having financial  issues and s*x issues with her husband. One time it was so bad that she could not pay her childrens’ school fees. She applied for a loan at work and BM agreed to approve it if only she would give him a head. That is how their relationship started.

She wanted to stop but BM convinced her it was not wrong since it was oral they were doing but they still did the real part. We both felt so stupid and used. She wants to leave the job as well but she being a married woman gives her no choice. She has bills to pay and her husband is not helping.

She revealed that a female GM was also in bed with BM one time. Her husband found out and made a very big issue out of it. It appears many people in senior positions know about BM…infact,it appears that they turn a blind eye to this.

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This colleague of mine is conflicted. Her salary alone is not enough to take care of her children’s school fees. BM helps her alot financially. BM also helped her pay part of the fees to buy a small plot of land. She feels indebted to him and does not know how to break up with him. And she is on a lower level salary scale than me

I feel for her but even me, I am searching for a job, but my case is not as bad as hers cos I do not have anyone to take care of.I only advised her to keep praying and looking for a job. I cannot ask her to leave the job cos she needs the money.

My reason for sharing this is to expose the emotional problems associated with office romance. It does not start intentionally but people are feeling trapped in some situation and do not know how to come out of it. Being with someone in the office seems like an escape or temporary solution to some of these issues.

How do you advise someone like me that fell helplessly for my BM. I have no serious man in my life. Being single is very hard. Finding the right man is harder. BM is the only man who is responsible to take care of me,he is helping my colleague has financial problems,others have other their reasons.

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My advise for anyone tempted to get into office romance…please don’t…when you get in,you know its wrong but because of the benefits you get…you keep feeling trapped..its very hard to get out….and most times,you get disappointed. They are many people like BMs and myself in the office. Please advise us all.

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Thank you


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  1. Hello,

    Just as I said in my last response to you…you need to free your self from emotional enslavement. I do not even blame BM…by now,you should know that the power to change your life is in your hands…what you want is up to you.

    As for your colleague and other women dating married men in the workplace….there is no excuse for bad behavior…everyone has their own challenge in life. The real victim here is the wife at home who has to deal with all the women clinging to her man….and causing her pain….God hears her prayers…stop being someone’s prayer point.

    Some men and women lack discipline…that is why one man or woman will never be enough for them. You can be different…decide to be different….no matter the little benefits….there are other options that are legal.

    Sin is sweet….but what about the repercussions? Do we no longer have fear for God and the marriage institution?

    Why keep lying to yourselves that you have no choice when in fact you do….now,you have walked away…that is a choice you should have taken long ago….

    That married woman is only heaping coals on her own head…she has a choice…she can also walk away…and she or her children will survive!

    Enough of these flimsy excuses…lets do better…lets be more responsible.

    Office romance with a married man or woman is a no no….all those indulging in it have a choice…make no mistakes..they always have a choice.

    And everyone will one day live with the consequences of all their choices.

    God bless you.


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