My Wife Pretended To Be Innocent But I Am Scared Of What She Will Do


Dear Admin,

I am a young man of thirty two. I deliberately searched for a wife to marry from my village because I fear women from the city here. So when I was ready a year ago,I sent my parents to help me find a wife.

Uru my wife just finished her NCE and everybody know here in the village as a very good and quiet, I was very happy when my parents chose her for me. Even when I was courting her (we courted for like 2 months before our wedding),she used to be very shy and reserved and I was impressed by how homely and godly she was.


Our wedding came and I was very much satisfied when I found out on our wedding night that Uru was a virgin. Because of this,I didnt fear or have any cause to fear or suspect my wife. She moved to join me here in the city but what I am seeing after the marriage is giving me cause for worry.

My wife Uru is always hungry for s*x. I mean,when we first got married,I thought its because she wants to get pregnant quick. And she got pregnant the next month after our wedding. This woman did not stop until she put to bed. I used to count myself lucky to have a woman who can match my s*xual needs but its seems her own is even more than me and that is making me to begin to suspect her now.

She gave birth two months ago and everyday,everyday,she want me to make love to her several rounds. I ask her if she is not tired,she said she is a stallion. Honestly,as a man,I am getting discouraged by her appetite for s*x. Once we wake up,she wants it,I come back from work,she wants it. I am now fearing that if I am not at home,she might even be going behind my back to satisfy her urge. I say this because,anytime I tell her I cannot male love maybe because I am tired,she will be angry and make comments that it is a man’s duty to satisfy his wife otherwise,the woman should not be blamed if she goes outside to satisfy herself.

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See eh,I was mad the day she made that comment but taking a closer look at this my village wife,she is not as naive as I take her. She seem more exposed than she was pretending to be. I dont know,I havent seen her but she is too s*xually experienced for a village virgin that I was thinking. Now,she is always on facebook and chatting. Her dressing sef is looking very revealing these days. I have been talking to her but she say I am being paranoid because I cannot perform. Which kind of wife did I marry now?

Now,I cannot live up to her expectation,what can I do to ensure this woman does not go outside and cheat on me?




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  1. Dear Mr Paschal,

    Buy her a vibrator if you cannot keep up!

    And stop being paranoid…just talk to her,let her know you cannot kill yourself to please her. She can knock herself out with a sex toy if she so desires.

    You should pray for your marriage alot, God will guide both of you..

  2. This is a very funny one. if she doesn’t do wahala now she is doing you are complaining.better try and keep up after all you wanted a village girl. didnt they warn u dt village girls are not that innocent anymore.

  3. Mine is the opposite! I love sex alot. I can do it any time ,at the office anywhere!!! But my wife,hmm maybe e times aweek is fine by her and we always argue.

    My friend I will advise that you sit her down and talk to her make her understand you love her alot and it’s just stress lately. Maybe buy her a vibrator.

  4. Lol! My broda you have to perform oo. No be u waka come. On a serious note, you both need to sit down and talk and find a solution else your fears may become a night mare. All the best P.


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