My Wife Is My Life- How Do I Really Appreciate Her


Hello ma’am,

I just want to appreciate you and your team for the good work that you people have been doing on lively stone. You are making real impact. Me and my wife started following your blog and whatsapp and really we have learnt so much. Thank you so much. God bless you for the good work.

My wife and I sometimes discuss some of the issues discussed on the group and we use it to even counsel some people. I know how much my wife appreciate your advice and so I want a small favor from you ma:


You see,my wife is someone that I would like to appreciate for what she has been to me. She has been more than a pillar to me. A huge support. I do not have much  money but my wife’s birthday is coming this December 12th. I would have loved to announce it but she is shy. But I really want to do something nice for her. Something I have not done before and something that she will really appreciate.

So ma,please help me suggest ways…romantic ways to help me to appreciate my darlyn wife for her love. She has been standing for our family through very hard times. She always think that I do not understand or appreciate her enough so I would like to do something really different.

I will like to read some of the suggestions of other members too on what I can do ..something that will not be too costly though…but something she will really love and it will be like a surprise. I have like 40k,,,please what kind of surprise can I arrange with that?

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I will be expecting all your suggestions. God bless you ma’am


From Mr Ezekiel

Abule Egba

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Just to congratulate you for being a good man. May God continue to bless you for your support too to Lively Stones.

    As for our lovely madam..alot of advice have been given but I think you can do this for her:

    1. Get her a nice piece of jewelry. If possible,with your initials engraved in it. So that she can always have a piece of you anytime she wears it.

    2. You can take her to a nice restaurant where both of you can have a lovely buffet. You can organize with one or two friends to be in attendance…and you can renew your wedding vows to her …

    3. You can organize a flash mob dance crew for her in a crowded place like a mall. That would make her feel so special

    4. You can book a weekend at a resort or 4-5 star hotel

    5.You can give her a full week off the house chores. Just let her rest and pamper her with meals cooked by yourself

    There are so may things you can do for her…I believe,based on your budget,any of the above will make her feel special and appreciated by you.

    Keep up the good work Sir.


  2. Please how do I registered for the whatsapp group, I have been active participant on this blog for a very long time. Please someone should please help me out


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