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My wife is always nagging… Help me!

From anonymous husband
Good day madam. I don’t know how to say this  but I have been married to Shirley for 5 yrs going to 6 in October this year. The first two or three years were the happiest in our marriage.  These days, all Shirley does is nag.  I can’t seem to do anything right in her eyes. She talks without end… She can talk for Nigeria. She nags about me not being around enough to help with the kids and stuff. But I try, at least she knows my job as a sales director makes me spend alot of time in the job…. I know I also travel alot. What does she want… I should quit my job?.. Well, how would we survive? On her monthly salary of N146k?… Two kids and a duplex in magodo estate?…we have a house help… A driver… But she is always Complaining… That they are not family… That the kids need their father… I get it, don’t we all want the good life for our family? We are young, so we have to hustle… I have asked her to understand but… .as I sat watching her closely this morning. She appears quite frustrated and distant.  I can’t help it… But I don’t like how the situation is affecting us. What can I do MA?

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