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My Stingy Man Just Broke Up Our Relationship:Please Advise


I am in a relationship with a guy for 6 months now,this guy is receiving up to 30k per month but he has never given me a dime out of it,he give it to his brother and mother..

However, I am this kind of person that will share the little I have with him but when I complained why he is not giving me anything he pick offence an end the relationship.

Lest I forget, he was in a relationship with a girl that he proposed of getting married,he went extra mile to borrow just to please her but my own case is different.

When I complained, he said why should I compare with the other girl but am dying in silence,now he has end the relationship.

Please should I go an beg him or let the relationship go cause I am dying.


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  1. Are you okay with his tight fisted way of money. If his ways are not pleasing to you then why begging him. But if your okay, and doing some thing got a living then you have nothing to fear about giving. But if you must know, someone receiving 30k monthly is not enough to complain he’s stingy. Though it depends on the bill at his disposal.


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