Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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My sister’s husband

Dear Admin

This may sound unreal to some, but I slept with my sister’s husband. And both of them don’t know. My sister and I are twins. Very identical. We got married almost the same time. A couple of months apart in the same year. While my sister is married with 3 kids… I am divorced with no child. It’s started during the Christmas hols last year. We were at our parents and my sister and some of us were watching a late night movie, I excused myself to go and take a pee. But I cradled Into my sisters bed and did the unthinkable. The husband thought it was the wife.The next time it happened was during Easter, I spent the weekend with my sister’s family. I slept with Trevor again. This time, it happened that my sister and I went out jogging …but she went to someone shopping after the jogging… I returned to the house alone. I went to the husband who was in the bathroom . You see, I can actually mimick my sister’s mannerism. It’s truly hard to tell the difference between us. As twins growing up, my sister always seemed to be luckier than I… She got better grades… People liked her more… She was more likeable. I actually started copying her to be like her. I also hated her for being more than me most times. Even my parents would say, we know Vivian cannot do this, it must be Victoria (me) that did it.So when my marriage crashed,the thought of taking Vivians husband started like a weird thought but when the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t hesitate to take it. Call me a wicked person, call me a bitch but it’s my sister, not yours.. We should share everything (which we did growing up)… I don’t see why this should he any different. I cannot wait for another opportunity to sleep with Trevor again.

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