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My Sister’s Husband Rejected Her After Traditional Wedding In Nigeria

Hello Lively Stones,

Please share this story for people to help advise my sister who has been disgraced all in the name of looking for love and under the pressure of getting married. My second sister has been working for almost 8 years since graduation from university. She is 33 years old and very beautiful. Since my other sisters both her senior and junior have all gotten married,the pressure has been on her to get married.

I used to warn my parents to leave her alone ..that she will find love in her own time but they refused to listen. That is how,they forced her to get married to her former boyfriend who is in Australia.Well,actually,the marriage is complicated. She and the guy dated when she was in secondary school to university but when he traveled abroad,he ended the relationship.

The guy’s family found out that the guy too has refused to get married ..he is 37 years . So they met my parents and arranged to marry my sister for him. According to them,the guy has not found anyone to marry since he left Nigeria years ago. Just because of the marriage pressure,they did traditional marriage on behalf of their son,their father stood with a picture of the guy on the wedding day. They did visa for my sister and sent her to join the guy.

On getting to Australia,this guy refused to accept my sister. He even refused to pick her from the airport. She ended up staying with his own sister in Australia too. They tried to get him to accept her but he refused saying he was married. But there was no woman in his house. For almost three months,this guy refused to accept my sister claiming that he is already married but he cannot tell anyone who he is married to.

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Eventually,with begging and crying,he finally revealed to his people that he is gay and married to a guy he has been claiming is his flat mate….everyone was thrown into serious confusion and anger. My sister,humiliated and rejected….could not come back to Nigeria disgraced. The guy’s family have been begging her to exercise patience,that the guy is possessed and they have been doing deliverance and prayers for him since.

That has been over a year now. Still my sister is alone in Australia. They call her their wife but the guy wants nothing to do with her. Now,this same family has come up with another crazy idea: they want my sister to marry in their family by force and now,they are saying she will be given in marriage to their father (their father is in Nigeria, but their mother is late) in marriage until their son comes back to his senses.

This is ridiculous in my opinion but they say tradition supports it,,after all,during the traditional wedding,its the father that received wine from my sister…. And my parents are in support.

I do not understand why my parents are bent on frustrating this my sister and this my sister is behaving like she has no mind of her own…she is even confused and asking for prayers and advice…please help me advice her…I will ask her to read the comments from the responses when you post this.

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Thanks and God bless.

Mr. Okey



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  1. Hello Mr Okey,

    You say her husband rejected her? But they were not married in the first place?…how do you marry someone without his consent?

    Your families are very interesting…they are causing problems for your sister and its sad that your sister cannot take her stand.

    As far as the guy is concerned…he did not marry her and you cannot fault him

    Your sister should go and look for someone else…in truth,she is married to the man’s father if indeed she gave him wine during the traditional rites

    So if she is pleased to stay with the guy’s father who is a widower…why not?

    At least,she will get her wish:wish is to be married by fire by force…

    This is sad but your sister is the only one with the power to change anything…its her life…let her decide how she wants to live it

    As for the gay man…he did not marry her and so,no one can blame him…

    It is well…

  2. Hahahahag, this is Africa mmagic movie confirm..

    The entire family is sick, starting from the supposed grooms family, who does that.
    Only in Africa u wud find such unbelievable stories ..

    The father is really sick to have even think he can marry her too.

    Since they used marriage to grant her visa, let her start life there fall in love and invite her old n new family to the real bliss

  3. Your sister needs to move on with her life. She should free herself from that shackle she is in called marriage whether its to the guy or his father.
    She had already made a mistake leaving her job here in Nigeria and going to Australia to be with someone that is not even hers from the onset

    She needs to take care of herself and believe in God’s time

  4. Your sister doesn’t know what she wants out of life. When she gets to that point when she really know what she wants out of life, then she will know what to do with her life.

  5. My dear, the road is not passable.
    Pls, do Whatever u can to return those traditional rites. Try n calm your sister down. Gradually, guide her on a daily basis…ask her to sick for an employment over there, after awhile, ask her to move to another state in Australia far away from them. Praying always for Gods guidabce n all. Rember, u must communicate wit her on a daily basis. Thank u


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