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My Sister’s Goal Is To Be His 5th Baby Mama: Please Advise!

Good day ma,

My twin sister is involved with a man that I know is a Casanova and she does not care. This man is actually like my boss. We work in the same company but not the same unit. Everyone knows this guy as a man who likes ladies.

Yes,he has tried his way with me several times and failed. Its common knowledge how he sleeps with ladies. Even married ladies. He found out about my twin sister on my facebook page. He started talking to her behind my back and they started dating. I only found out two months after.

I tried to tell my sister how bad this guy is but she is not listening. This man has like 3 or 4 baby mamas o. He is fine,no doubt,has lots of money. And many ladies like my sister fall for his charms. I was really angry he was dating my sister but my sister asked me to mind my business,that she is a grown up lady.

My mom had to come in. She sided with me and forbade my sister from having anything to do with this man but Nma will not listen. Nma has always been the more stubborn of us twins. She always liked to have her way. My mom raised us with our brothers when our father passed on about 16 years ago.

Nma has always given my mom headache. Now,Nma has moved in with this man. I am so pissed cause I know this is not right. This man is a pig. He does not deserve my sister. What can I do? My sister has said she will marry him whether the family likes it or not. He has not even made any intentions known if he even wants to marry her. My mother has given up and allowed her carry her cross.

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Nma is telling everyone that I am jealous that this man came for me first but she is the one with him.I have allowed her be but I am seriously worried for her…she has said she does not mind being his 5th baby mama. I think she wants him to impregnate her…

My mother is crying but Nma seems to be in cloud 9.  I have prayed and prayed for God to intervene … can I just fold my hands and watch my sister enter frying hot oil like that?..yes she is an adult…she is 31 years old.

My brothers are still in University. They wish they could beat this man but that would not change anything cos it looks like Nma is already seeing herself married to this pig. At work,I have stopped talking to him. Thank God I do not need to see him again. My office staff just found out he is marrying my sister. They feel so bad for me.

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The worst is,he does not even bother to hide or change his philandering ways…The young interns in my company are the ones he is constantly been seen around with.One of them is walking around like a peacock…while my sister is in his house playing wife duties when he has not even paid her bride price.

I feel sad and angry that there is not much I can do about this whole situation…please advice me.


Ngozi (Not Real Name)


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  1. Hello Ngozi,

    Your sister is 31….she is an adult…you have spoken to her..your mother and everyone has talked to her but she is stubborn you say?

    Is there no elder or responsible one in the family that can talk some sense into her?

    Well,all you can do is pray for her…do not forsake her though…keep in touch with her so she is not felling alone and make sure she is safe..

    All you can really is to pray..God can still do a miracle before its late

  2. Pray and fast, ask God to open her eyes of understanding, and take away a consciences seared as with a hot iron.

    Share any evidence you have with her of His philandering ways.

    Highlight to her risk of STD’s and trauma involved being a baby momma with several other women/ children and trading her ‘current’ enjoyment for future joy.

    If she persists, she may need to learn by experience.


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