My New Guy Versus My Abusive Boyfriend,Who Is My Assurance?


Good morning, please hide my identity!

I am young corp member, I met this guy in camp, during our 3 weeks orientation, I fell so much in love with him, couldn’t even give other guys attention, he asked me out after camp, agreed to be his girl! He was all loving for the few days we spent together. We went home for the Christmas break, came back and he was all different with this uncaring and saucy attitude.
I talked about it to him, he didn’t see what he was doing as being wrong, instead he graduated to abusing me emotionally. I begged him severally to stop hurting me, he didn’t. Then I made up my mind to leave, I was so very scared of leaving him cause of the fear of being lonely. I eventually left and met a new guy not up to 24 hours after I left him. The guy asked me out, I was scared cause I am yet to heal from the emotional abuse from this other guy. I agreed to date the new guy, but now my ex is trying to come back, making it look like I made him to start misbehaving.
I love him so very much, but I don’t want to hurt this new guy. I’m really confused! Please help me out.
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  1. Hello Ifeoluwa,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    From experience, relationships during 3 weeks NYSC orientation are usually not serious. It’s a time for free sex for alot of people.

    If this guy is abusing you, you need to break off from him fast. He has no right to. So let him know that if he doesn’t stop you will inform the police.

    I will be very blunt with you too… Don’t ever back to him no matter how much he begs… Once an abuser, always an abuser.

    You are strong and beautiful, don’t let anyone make you feel less for being you.

    So off you go…. Move on to the new guy…. I hope he treats you right.

    All the best.


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