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My Marriage Lacks S*x And Intimacy : Please Advise Me!

Happy new year ma

MA am a member of Lively stones ma. MA pls I want you to post for me hide my identity

My marriage is 3 years now with one kid. My husband does not like s*x whenever I touched him he refused but whenever he is in mood he comes to me and 2 minutes,he is done.

I always complain about this to the extend of complaining to his mother, she told me that her son does do rubbish.

Mean while my hubby has a son before I married him.

Please ma what can I do since last year Dec 21 nothing like s*x

Thank you ma.

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  1. Hello dear,

    Happy new year to you too!

    Two things come to mind: you both need better communication and you need to see a s*x coach or therapist asap!

    First: every marriage has its own unique style of communication. You need to change your style of communicating your s*xual needs or frustration to him. Maybe he is actually going through something or its stress related.

    If you want him to communicate with you,then find out the best time he is calm and ready to listen. Your communication should be from a place of love and concern.

    Except you suspect that he is getting s*x from else where and hence he is not interested in you…but if that is not the case,then please talk to him in a different way.

    Before you talk to him,pray to God to help make his heart and understanding easy.

    Secondly,recommend to him that both of you see a sex coach or therapist. I could recommend one for you. Maybe what you need is some information on how to have better s*x and improve intimacy.

    Do not be frustrated. Just be patient and loving. Work on your communication and see an expert on s*x.

    God bless you.


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