My Marriage Is Not Working: All Hell Has Been Let Loose!

Hello Jzhane,
A friend of mine who’s been married for a year and a half brought to my notice some complaints namely: ¬†Husband drinks alot and comes home late,has refused to touch her since she gave birth, doesn’t care about her and her baby,doesnt pray with her,he doesn’t even take care of the home, her mother in-law has refused to go home after omugwo
Now my questions:
1. She confessed to me she noticed the drinking but it was a little,are there habits that should be talked about and settled before marriage
2. What should she do about her mother in-law?
3. What can she do about her husband not praying with her,touching her and keeping late nights?
¬†4. What’s to be done about finances and his drinking habits
Editor’s note:
the above came from a member of our whatsapp group. What advice do you have for this friend? Kindly drop your objective comments and possible solutions to the issues at hand.
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  1. Hello,

    The above issue does not have a one straight answer. In fact,there are more questions than answers.

    However,in trying to help your friend,we will try to answer your questions:

    1.Yes,there are habits that should not be overlooked during the period of dating and courtship. Remember the story we featured a few days ago,where a lady discovered her boyfriend is addicted to porn?

    Marrying someone who a habit that controls them is a serious matter. Especially when the habit is seriously destroying them.

    Your friend should have taken the signs seriously. Maybe she should have insisted he goes to therapy or gets professional help before agreeing to marry him.

    But now that she is married,she has to find a way to talk to him to get help to address his drinking problem. The first step is to start praying for him

    2.About her mother in-law not leaving: the question is,why is she not leaving? Is she lonely at home? Is she sick? If she is neither of the two,then she should also speak to her husband to talk to the mother to leave

    3.Her husband not praying,not touching her and keeping late nights: She just have to pray this one out. Pray and leave it to God to touch him. In the mean time,she should get busy and focus on other things to take her mind away from the trauma she gets from the husband’s behavior. She should join a support group like Lively Stones or her local church

    4.About his drinking habits and finances. She needs to begin to think about herself and her baby’s welfare. She should get a job. Start working to get her own money. She should not depend on him for money.

    Finally,she should also talk to him to get professional help. Let her do some research and also educate him n the dangers of drinking as a habit.

    I hope these few suggestions help…

    God bless


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