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My Male Friend Said: Cheating Is Inevitable,Is That True?

Good day ma

I want to advice a friend on a very ‘funny’ issue but I don’t know how to go about it. So the thing here is that this guy started dating this lady about 6 months ago. He told me he’s ready to marry her and all.

He decided so fast… I know things can happen in an instant but at the same time I expressed my concern for the short time and he should get to know her better and all

Now last night he told me that he’s having second thoughts about his girl cos she’s short and he has always wanted to marry a tall lady cos he wants his children to be tall.

I was like 😡.Is this for real? .I had to ask if there was any other thing involved and he said no … that it’s just the height thing

I told him that if he knows he will end up cheating on her with a tall lady when they get married, he should better take a walk

The response I got was that “cheating is inevitable”

Things like these make men seem like SCUM like the common saying goesπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€

He’s asking for advice so please help a sister out ma’am

Thank you


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  1. Hello,

    First: cheating is not INEVITABLE!….and not all men are scum!

    Your friend is an average guy that has not been trained on discipline. The society gives a pass to men when they cheat and that is why many have seen cheating as a norm.

    News flash: there are many men who DO NOT CHEAT AND HAVE REMAINED FAITHFUL.

    You should tell your friend that he should not join the bandwagon…let him be among those who are making a difference….changing the narratives.

    And he saying the girl is short: just shows he is not mature…its better he leaves her….he is immature…..his excuse that she is short is just a lousy one.

    Have you seen men like Will Smith, Kobe Bryant…etc…these are tall men with short wives…..

    Your friend needs proper mentoring on being a man with discipline…I pray and hope he gets the kind of training he needs before he marries any girl….he needs an entire shift in mindset.



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